Hopkins County Records — October 7, 2022

Land Deed Transactions

The following land transactions were filed with and posted at Hopkins County Clerk’s Office Sept. 15-Sept. 23, 2022:

Record books at Hopkins County Clerk’s Office
  • The Ranches at River Ridge LLC to Chandana Reddy Katta, Vamshireddy Kethireddy, Nitya Kondakini, Chandrakala Mannapuram, Vijay Kumar Mannapuram, Sowmya Narra, Santhosh Reddy Purumandla and Anja Reddy Sandadi; tract in the AJ Butts survey
  • Bacone College to Texas Resources Acquisitions LLC
  • Jeron Roark Paul, independent executor for the Lydon Grimes Paul Estate, to Sandra Ann Paul; tract in the TB Hardison survey
  • Leon Lewis to Margaret Anderson
  • Susan W. Periquet, independent executor for the Jerald E. Whitson Estate, to Betsy G. Whitson; tract in the Winnie Jewell survey
  • Liberty Tierra LTD to Makaila Brooks and Colton Redmon; tract in the 8 Twin Lake Farms
  • Miranda Jones, who is the same person as Miranda Wilkey, and Patrick Jones to Sarah Elisabeth Wilkey; tract in the Berry West survey
  • Miranda Jones who is the same person as Miranda Wilkey, Patrick Jones, Randy J. Wilkey and Sissala A. Wilkey to Rusty Allen Wayne Wilkey; tract in the Berry West survey
  • Caney Creek Investment Group LLC, Brian Coleman and Shawn Massey to Sean Tyler Orr and Ronnie Parris; tract in the Ruthy Matthews survey
  • Michael Boyd and Shelia Boyd to Shane Horne and Tiffany Horne; tract in the WM Gregg survey
  • Charles Dawson to 3 D Cattle Company; tract in the Grant Lincicum survey
  • Daniel Francis Hughes to Gary Eugene Peters; tract in the Jasper County School Land survey
  • Manning Grinnan and Sherry Grinnan to Cassie Gilley and Kevin Gilley; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Jamie Lynn Cumming and Wendy Denise Cummings to Kambra Chealyn Martin and River Wade Watts; tract in the J G Procello survey
  • David M. Owens and Emma L. Owens to Marvin Jimenez and Shannon Jimenez; tract in the Spring Creek Addition
  • Billy D. Ailes and Sharon Ailes to Anthony Minge and June Minge; tract in the William A. Gregg survey
  • Jana Dodd to PPA Global Energy LLC; tract in the Pleasant Venables survey
  • Joseph Kent Arnold to Tom Flatt and Wanda Flatt; tract in the EP Becton survey
  • Christina Lorraine April, Jeff April, Tricia Daneen-Griffin, Lisa Dennis, Sally Dennis, William Eugene Dennis and John Griffin to David Walters; tract in the Agaton Caro survey
  • James Mark Matthews to Jeff Matthews; tract in the A Crowder survey
  • Charles Dawson to JD Cattle Company; tract in the BBB & CRR survey
  • Jamie L Garcia, known as Jamie L. Gilliland, and Joe A. Garcia Ortez, also known as Tony Joe Garcia, to Jamie Zijlstra and Jelle Zijlstra; tract in the AJ Odom survey
  • Wendy Meza, Old and New Rehabs LLC and Luis C. Olivas to Erin M. Gasaway; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • HLA Inc. to Herbert Anderson and Shirley Anderson; tract in the Nacogdoches University survey
  • Herbert Anderson and Shirley Anderson to Angela J. Johnson; tract in the Nacogdoches University survey
  • Jason E. Waldon to Kristen Waldon; tract in the Levi Landers survey
  • Robert Weir and Yvonne Hall Weir to Dustin-Kirk Robert Weir; tract in the Francis Hopkins survey
  • Canyon Safari Ranch LLC to Caddo Creek Farms LLC; tract in the Edmond Gaines survey
  • John Wilbur and Stacie Wilbur to Deana Switzer Living Trust and Gregg Switzer Living Trust, Deana Switzer and Gregg Switzer trustees; tract in the Merrick Griffith survey
  • CL Frederick and Monika E. Frederick to Ashley Marie Painter and Tristen C. Painter; tract in the Ulysses Aiguier survey
  • Clemmie Gilbert Crouch to Dillon Burks; tract in the G. Jones survey
  • Donald Owen and Regina Owen to James Morrison and Stacy Morrison; tract in the John S. Bowen survey
  • Gary W. Burks and Sharri Burks to Dillon Burks and Lauren Burks; tract in the G. Jones survey
  • Terry Lynn Jaggers and Tina Lynn Hare Jaggers to Terry Lee Jaggers Irrevocable trust and Tina Jaggers Irrevocable Trust, Terry Lynn Jaggers trustee and Tina Lynn Hare Jaggers trustee; tract in the John D. Bloodworth survey
  • Carroll Willis and Linda Willis to Patricia Renee Jennings
  • Demetrea N. Farris and Richard A. Porter to Jennifer Isbell and Travis Taylor

Applications for Marriage Licenses

The following individuals filed applications seeking marriage licenses Sept. 29-Oct. 6, 2022, at Hopkins County Clerk’s Office:

Records at a clerk’s office
  • Christopher Keith Miller and Haley Michelle Houghton
  • Norman Shane Spruiell and Chastadie Nicole Finney
  • James Austin Shortnacy and Chandra Zurovec Green
  • James Christopher Harvey and Rachael Rene Booth
  • Matthew Wayne Pantusa II and Jerrilyn M. Posey Dankskey
  • Mason Lloyd Moss and Ashley Lauren Hanson
  • Rusty Allen Wayne Wilkey and Lauren Gail Harris
  • Cody Ryan Nix and Stephanie Edith Garcia

Author: KSST Contributor

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