Hopkins County Records — July 2, 2022

Land Deed Transactions

The following are land deed transactions filed and posted at Hopkins County Clerk’s office between June 16, 2022 and June 22, 2022:

Records at Hopkins County Clerk’s Office
  • Jane Dixon AKA Linda Jane Dixon to Harold Glenn Dixon; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Uleta Taylor to Debora Taylor Gray, Tammie Taylor Stafford and Charles Lesley Taylor; tract in the ED Chinneth survey
  • Vali Brannon and WE Brannon to Jennifer Lynn Hoppa and Paul Hoppar; tract in the Hilltop at the Country Club
  • Bradley Sisters Partnership, Katherine Anne Bradley Matt and Mary Michelle Bradley Sorrells to Claude Franklin and Michelle Franklin; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Janice K. Giles to Lazaro Reyes; tract in the John Norris survey
  • Billy Roy Giles and Michael Giles to Janice K. Giles; tract in the John Norris survey
  • Bridget Anete Waid to Leonides Castillo; tract in the James Hawkins survey
  • Cole Boseman and Elyssa M. Boseman to David Zeledon; tract in the MD Jackson survey
  • Sallee Pearce to Leticia Anaya Duran and Pedro Jesus Gonzalez; tract in the Levi Midgett survey
  • CA Utah and Stephanie L. Utah FKA Stephanie Lynn Wooley to Christopherm Anthony Utah and Stephanie Lynn Utah; tract in the Josiah Pettyjohn survey
  • Flying N. Farms LLC, Scott P. Nottingham and Melissa A. Nottingham to Hunter Stonaker and Kelly Stonaker; tract in the Ellender Spencer survey
  • Alton R. Williams and Judith Crumbley Williams to Kimberly A. Screws and Paul A. Screws; tract in the Forrest Hills Addition
  • 100 MPH + Property Management LLC to Cindy A. Casper; tract in the Jose Y’Barbo survey
  • Bobby Carroll D. Griffin and Trena Riley Griffin, independently and as executor, to Billy Hollaway and Mystie Hollaway; tract in the Isaac Ramsey survey
  • Donna Lynn Gregory to Mary Anita Noel; tract in the Jose Y’Barbo survey
  • David Leonardo Gentile Bautista to Gentile Properties LLC
  • Allen Lynn Hollins to Kelli Ann Claxton; tract in the Hodge Adams survey
  • Betty L. Julian to Mark Gregory; tract in the WM Richey survey
  • Betty L. Julian to Judson Andrew Gregory II; tract in the WM Richey survey
  • Joy Nell Willingham to Janet Lynn Fouse; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • J&K Wagoner Group LLC to J&K Wagoner Group LLC – Series D; tract in the E Melton survey
  • J&K Wagoner Group LLC to J&K Wagoner Group LLC – Series E; tract in the E Melton survey
  • Jodie Wallace and Kevin Wallace to Ivan Diosdado; tract in the I. Alexander survey
  • David M. Smith Estate, Keaton Michael Smith and Kevin Joshua Smith independent co-administrators, to Kevin Joshua Smith; tract in the AS Young survey
  • Kelli Geraci, Troy Geraci, Amberly Klika and Landis Klika to Charles Cates and Maureen Cates; tract in the William Jacobs survey
  • Diana I. Teel and Marion Moncrief Teel to Adriaan Van Der Jagt; tract in the M. Ballanova survey
  • Larry Evans, individually and as trustee for the Larry Wayne Evans Trust, to Carla Frazier Family Trust and Rick Frazier Family Trust; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • Alvin R. Burns, Bryan Keith Burns, Christopher Burns, Earl Ray Burns Estate, Ronny Earl Burns and Yolanda Dennis to Julie Smalley and Kyle Smalley; tract in the John Polk survey
  • Carla June Kenley and Phillip Forrest Kenley AKA Phillip F. Kenley to Blair Blair Kenley trustee, Carla Kenley Irrevocable Trust and Phillip Scott Kenley trustee; tract in the S. McWingate survey
  • Summit Ranch Investments LTD to Augusto Gonzales and Josue Gonzales; tract in the Oak Grove Subdivision
  • Cletis M. Millsap and Sherry E. Millsap, both independently and as independent executors for the Frankie L. Millsap Estate and Kathie Eyvonne Millsap Estate, to Jason Brazel, Kaitlyn Brazel, Matthew Kaylees Bazel and Regina Brazel; tract in the A Caro survey
  • James H. Diviney to Carolyn S. Diviney AKIA Carolyn Deas; tract in the William Clapp survey
  • Jose Luis Gallepos and Maria Gallepos to JMMI LLC; tract in the The M Ward survey
  • Chad Folmar and Holly Folmar to Curtis Krause and Mikayla Krause; tract in the Rachel D. Spain survey
  • Bret L. Wrye and Namaste L. Wrye to Jennifer Brown and Matthew Brown; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Patricia Roulette and Roger Roulette to Chantell Busby and Preston Busby; tract in the William Irwin survey
  • Kimberly K. Moore and Mike Moore to Carrie Jean Clarke and John Melton Clarke Jr; tract in the WM Bone survey
  • Cynthia Mannon and Walker Mannon to Jarred Pickett; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Sarah McDougald to Brady Lee Hicks and Larry Kevin Hicks tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Michelle Z. Smith and William T. Smith to John Hares Charllis II and Teresa Carol Challis; tract in the AJ Butts survey
  • CP 19 TX LLC to Rosedale International LLC; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • Felicia Lewis and Tommy Lewis to Texas Triad Homes LLC; tract in the Lewis Addition
  • 4TF Investments LLC to SAF Properties LLC DBA SM Family Holdings LLC; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Aaron Morrow and Summer Morrow to Rancho De Morrow LLC; tract in the AW Waller survey

Applications for Marriage Licenses

Records at a clerk’s office

The following individuals applied June 27-30, 2022, at Hopkins County Clerk’s Office for applications marriage licenses:

  • Joseph Edward Kelton and Jennifer Lynn Mercer
  • Diego Bocha and Karina Alejandra Tamez
  • Ryan Michael Golden and Brooke Nicole Lancaster

Author: KSST Contributor

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