2 Men Receive Prison Sentences In District Court

Two men, a 27-year-old Pittsburg man and a 39-year-old Hopkins County man, received prison sentences in hearings before 8th Judicial District Judge Eddie Northcutt this month, according to court reports.

Brandon Darel Roach

Brandon Darel Roach pled guilty on Oct.18, 2021, to the third-degree felony offense of retaliation and pled true to two punishment enhancement paragraphs, making the third-degree felony punishable under the habitual offender statute. An unindicted case for harassment of a public servant was dismissed pursuant to Section 12.45 of Texas Penal Code, after the 39-year-old Hopkins County man acknowledged his guilt in that case, according to court reports.

At the sentencing hearing on Dec. 20, 2021, Roach faced a punishment range of 25 to 99 years or life in prison due to two prior consecutive prison sentences, or deferred adjudication community supervision.

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Assistant District Attorney Zachary Blackmon Monday called four family members as witnesses as well as the jailer Roach was accused of harassing.

The court also had available for review all of the discovery evidence in both cases, which reportedly included numerous jail calls in which the defendant threatened to beat and kill numerous people, including family members, as well as disciplinary records from Hopkins County jail. Blackmon argued these items establish a pattern of violent and insubordinate behavior exhibited by Roach during the time he was in custody in Hopkins County jail. Evidence was presented alleging that Roach was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, according to the ADA.

Roach reportedly was the only witness to testify on his behalf.

During closing arguments, Blackmon asked that Roach be sentenced to life in prison due to the potential danger he presents to society and his family. Roach reportedly asked for probation with mental health treatment.

On Dec. 20, Eighth Judicial District Judge Eddie Northcutt sentenced Roach to 80 years of imprisonment.

Lamont Lankeen Mitchell

Lamont Lankeen Mitchell pled guilty Oct. 19, 2021, to the third-degree felony offense of assault of a public servant and a plea of true to a punishment enhancement paragraph, making the third-degree felony punishable as a second-degree felony. The 27-year-old Pittsburg man’s other two pending cases were dismissed pursuant to 12.45 of Texas Penal Code, after he acknowledged his guilt in those cases.

The case was set for a contested sentencing hearing on December 6, 2021.

Mitchell faced 2 to 20 years imprisonment in the penitentiary with an optional fine up to $10,000. Deferred adjudication community supervision was an option for the court as well.

ADA Blackmon, during Mitchell’s sentencing hearing, rested on the pre-sentence investigation report. Discovery information, which reportedly included evidence that Mitchell is a Blood gang member, was also available for the judge to review, according to the prosecutor.

Mitchell testified on his own behalf, the sole defense witness. He asked the judge to sentence him to deferred adjudication community supervision for the assault of a public servant charge.

During closing arguments, Blackmon asked the judge for a “proper prison sentence” based on the acts Mitchell allegedly committed and pled guilty to, the defendant’s criminal history, and an alleged gang affiliation.

Judge Northcutt sentenced Mitchell to 12 years of confinement in Texas Department of Criminal Justice for assaulting a peace officer.

Author: KSST Contributor

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