Representative Slaton Files HB 2889 Providing Property Tax Relief to Families

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Yesterday, Representative Slaton filed HB 2889, which provides Texas families with property tax relief based on the size of their family. The bill will help promote couples getting married, staying married, and having or adopting children. A couple who marries and stays married would receive a ten-percent property tax credit. A family of four or more biological or adopted children would receive a forty-percent tax credit, and up to one hundred-percent credit for having ten children.

Representative Slaton said the following: “Supporting Texas means supporting Texas families. Strong families are the backbone and building blocks of society. We must support families by making it financially easier for them to have and raise children in a supportive and nurturing way.”

Many Studies have shown that children tend to have enhanced “wellbeing and development,”[1] and tend to avoid developmental, academic, and behavioral problems when raised by both parents in a stable marriage.[2] Falling birthrates also pose a potentially significant problem for the future as the age dependency ratio rises. Policies similar to HB 2889 have been implemented in nations such as Hungary[3] and Poland[4], where they have begun the process of reversing their declining birth rates, and are helping to foster thriving families.

Rep. Slaton continued: “With this bill, Texas will start saying to couples: ‘Get married, stay married, and be fruitful and multiply.’”

Author: Ethan Klein

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