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A Year In Review: 2021-2022 4-H Grows

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Mario Villarino

By Mario Villarino, Texas AgriLife Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Hopkins County, [email protected]


The 4-H program in Hopkins County is multi-faceted. 4-H members and leaders participate in a variety of educational events, projects and activities. Youth gain leadership skills as they participate in youth based programs. The goal of this plan is to promote youth development in to responsible, contributing members of the society. Integration of members taking active role in leadership and public speaking events will be promoted. The enrollment goal for 2021  was 200 youth.

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County Staff implemented the 4- H and Youth Development Program in Hopkins Count y including communication with Club Managers, County 4-H Council, volunteer leaders, record book training, special events. FCH and Ag related 4-H Projects will be covered in discipline specific plans.

The Hopkins County Youth Program Area Committee provided leadership for the planning and implementation of this plan. Promotion of projects and events was conducted using technology based platforms (Youtube, Facebook, newspaper, radio, 4-H gazette) by program participants.

The following activities were conducted during 2021-2022:

  • Quarterly 4-H Council Meetings.
  • Bimonthly 4-H Gazette.
  • School ISDs Networking with school board participation.
  • District Work Days.
  • National 4-H Week. 4-H Project Show.
  • 4-H Recognition Banquet.
  • Hopkins County Christmas Party. 
  • 4 Program Area Committee Meetings.
  • Cumby Edunation Initiative Meetings.
  • Rural Student Services Initiative meetings.
  • 4-H Club Chartering.
  • Multi-County Camp planning sessions.
  • Hopkins County 4-H Round-Up.
  • 4-H Record Book training.
  • United Way Support preparation.
  • TSC clover campaigns.
  • Hopkins County 4-H Project Tour.


Programs and activities were evaluated based on members participation and direct feedback. Since many activities were planned and Implemented by 4-H council members, their opinion during the planning process was Included.   Five clubs were chartered and populated during 2021-2022. All planned activities were well attended (more than 50% expected attendance).

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Author: Faith Huffman

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