Como-Pickton Constructing New Baseball Field, Will Be Updating Softball Field

Many traveling on State Highway 11 east have undoubtedly noticed a lot of activity east of Como-Pickton Elementary campus, directly behind the school board meeting room. According to Como-Pickton CISD Superintendent Dr. Greg Bower, this is the beginning of construction on a new baseball field. The softball field will also get some much needed upgrades later on as well. And, neither will cost tax payers any additional money.

“The district has been extremely frugal over the last few years and has saved the money necessary for this project. There will be absolutely zero additional costs to the community for this field,” Dr. Bower stated.

The district is building the new baseball field for several reasons, the most important is that CP desperately needs to expand and improve CTE and Ag facilities, and to add extra classrooms to the Junior High and High School.

“The most convenient and cost effective way to prepare for this, is to relocate our baseball field so that we may build in that location in the future,” Bower said.

After softball season, the softball field will receive some much needed upgrades, so the community can continue to have the sense of pride for it as in the past. There will also be zero additional costs to the community for this project as well, according to the superintendent.

He noted that while the current baseball field has served the district well over the years, with traditions and memories associated it. However, the field has aged and needs a complete overhaul. The light poles are in unacceptable condition, the dugouts and bleachers are no longer something to be proud of. The field, too, was built with the hazard of a manhole cover existing in the outfield, Bower noted.

“When these projects are complete, we believe that these student athletic fields will be areas that the community can take great pride in for decades to come . . . while also allowing for much needed future improvements in our instructional areas,” Bower stated.

Work begins on the new baseball field.

Author: Faith Huffman

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