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Meal a Day Needs Cooks! Can You Volunteer?

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During the weeks of Summer and COVID-19, volunteer help in the Meal a Day Kitchen has dwindled. The currently small cooking staff is carrying a load meant for more workers. The demand calls for 5 cooks per day, and on some days, there are only 2 or 3 cooks for that day’s shift. Thus, the cooking staff and and Director Karon Weatherman are seeking some additional help. Here are the current needs, based on a 5-day week.

Monday –       We have 2 Cooks, we need 3 more 
Tuesday –       We have 4 Cooks, we need 1 more 
Wednesday –  We have 2 Cooks, we need 3 more 
Thursday –      We have 4 Cooks, we need 1 more 
Friday –           We have 3 Cooks, we need 2 More 

If you’d like to volunteer, call the Seniors Center at 903-885-1661.

According to Karon, two regular Cooks are out with surgeries (one volunteers on WednesdayThursday and the other one volunteers on Friday) and these two cooks will hopefully be back soon.  “It is hard on the cooks when even one person is out of pocket.  I have to call other volunteers in to fill in for them, or I go in and take a shift myself. We are reaching out for some help at Meal-a-Day. Our kitchen is spacious and well-equipped, the camaraderie is good among our cooks, and what we do is a real help to others.”   

Cooks come in at 7:00 AM on their assigned day and are usually done by 11:00 am or before. Some of them stay and help prep stuff or make desserts for the next day.  It is gratifying work because the shut-in seniors who receive the meals are truly in need, and are appreciative for the nutritious and delicious meals delivered to them at their door. If you can help by being a volunteer cook, please contact Karon at 903-885-1661. Meal a Day is prepared and delivered from the Sulphur Springs Senior Citizens Center, 150 MLK Drive in Sulphur Springs, Texas.

Author: Enola Gay

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