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Hopkins County, District Clerks’ Offices Will Reopen Monday, June 1

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People Are Still Asked To Call County Clerk For Appointment Before Visiting

Both the County and District Clerks’ Offices will reopen to the public at 8 a.m. Monday, June 1, Hopkins County Judge Robert Newsom reported Friday. Both offices have been closed the the public since Hopkins County Judge Robert Newsom announced on March 23 that all county offices were temporarily closing to in-person visitors, except by appointment, due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Tables have been placed in front of counters in both offices to assist with social distancing until the ordered protective glass arrives and can be installed at each office. Those visiting the offices are asked to observe these measures.

While the front doors to the Hopkins County Clerk’s Office on Jefferson Street will be open beginning Monday, only a limited number of people will be allowed in the building at at time. To ensure this, business will be conducted at the County Clerk’s office by appointment only. Anyone who needs to visit the County Clerk’s Office next week is asked to call ahead to check for available times. The County Clerk’s Office may be reached at 438-4074.

Hopkins County Clerk’s Office, 128 Jefferson Street, Suite C, Sulphur Springs

The District Clerk’s Office in Hopkins County will also be reopening to the public on June 1. In addition to tables in front of counters, visitors will notice taping to assist with recommended distancing measures.

No appointments are necessary for the District Clerk’s Office, just show up. However, only a certain number of visitors will be allowed in the District Clerk’s Office at one time. In the event more arrive than space permits, individuals would be asked to wait their turn to enter the office.

The District Clerk’s Office will be open for passports. However, due to space limitations, access to the building will be limited. Those planning to visit should include only individuals required to file the case; any others with the petitioner/applicant not required for the filing process should plan to wait somewhere other than in the building.

District Clerk’s Office, Rosemont Street, Sulphur Springs

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Author: Faith Huffman

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