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Carnival Fascination Cruise Ship Denied At San Juan, Puerto Rico

Anyone sailing on the Carnival Fascination will be on that ship a couple of more days, due to the Puerto Rican government denying disembarkation in San Juan. The ship is now sailing to Miami and should arrive there by noon on Tuesday.

The following is a statement from the Captain of the Fascination, Paolo Severini, to passengers of his ship.

March 15, 2020

Dear Carnival Fascination Guest,

The government of Puerto Rico has denied the disembarkation of the ship unless all guests completed new health clearance requirements. This process was expected to take up to three or four days. This is despite the fact that we do not have anyone on board with flu-like illness. Our request to at least debark Puerto Rican residents was denied.

Our plan is now to sail to Miami where we have already obtained approval from port officials to dock the ship. We expect to arrive in Miami at noon on Tuesday. We have plenty of food, fuel, water and supplies and a full schedule of entertainment and activities for you to enjoy.

If you have independent flight arrangements, we encourage you to contact the airline carrier directly so they can assist you with making the necessary changes.

We are looking at flight options for those guests who need to return to San Juan as well as transportation to the Miami or Ft. Lauderdale airports for all other guests. Please complete the attached questionnaire and return to Guest Services by 3:00 PM today.

Puerto Rican guests – please let us if you need flight arrangements to San Juan for TuesdayOther guests – please let us know if you need cruise terminal to airport transportation
Captain Paolo Severini

Author: Chad Young

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