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Sulphur Springs City Council Agrees To Amend Luminant Agreement Regarding FM 1870 Overpass

Sulphur Springs City Council Tuesday night approved an amendment to the development agreement inked with Luminant in October of 2018, assuming Luminant’s obligations regarding the FM 1870 overpass and indemnifying Luminant.

The City of Sulphur Springs has a development agreement with Luminant regarding the Thermo Mine to close out conditions for the transfer of property to the city. The last condition before the transfer can occur is for Luminant to be released of all liabilities and obligations regarding the FM 1870 overpass with TxDOT, Sulphur Springs Community Development Director Niewiadomski explained during the council’s October meeting.

To accomplish this, the city has been working with TxDOT to fully integrate the bridge onto their system and leave the bridge in place. TxDOT, Niewiadomski reported, has indicated $100,000 in repairs would be adequate for them to perform maintenance and take it onto their system and be responsible for future maintenance.

The city in turn will need to execute agreement with TxDOT and pay $100,000 to remove the liability and obligations regarding the FM 1870 overpass. Once the terms of the agreement are finalized by TxDOT and executed, the city can close out conditions with Luminant and take possession of the property, according to the city official’s report.

Sulphur Springs City Council at their Oct. 1 meeting approved the resolution with TxDOT. Tuesday night, Nov. 6, the council approved an amendment to the development agreement with Luminant, assuming Luminant’s obligations regarding overpass and indemnifying Luminant.

Author: Faith Huffman

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