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The ‘Walk to Remember’ Mini-Walks Raise Awareness for Alzheimers Programs

Terrific Tuesdays supporters include Top Left, Stacy Wetzel who is Marketing Director for SS Imaging, which was host to today’s Mini-walk, and Bottom Right, Tammy Reardon, Director of the Terrific Tuesdays caregiver respite program

Tammy Reardon planned ten different Mini-walks, or small group gatherings during September, which would get people talking about Alzheimers and dementia awareness, and help raise funding for the local Terrific Tuesdays respite program for caregivers of victims. As Director of Terrific Tuesdays, the 2020 goal she set was $10,000, which will fund the weekly program for one year. In years past, Terrific Tuesdays has reached their goal. “It’s due to the kindness and caring of the community’, she stated. “Hopkins County people are generous people, and they know this program gives a lot back to a certain unique population of the community”. The final Mini-walk will be held on Friday, September 27 at Sunny Springs Nursing and Rehab at 10:30am. “If you haven’t participated in a Mini-walk yet, come out and walk with us and meet some of the residents and employees of Sunny Springs. Some will be dressed up in a costume, and Administrator Kim Hansford really gets into the excitement of the public event! He will lead a parade around the parking lot. And for $15, you can get one of the purple T-shirts to wear, which publicize Terrific Tuesdays, and you will be the one that receives the blessings as you bless others with your presence”.

The final phase of the fundraising season, held in September/October each year, is the major Walk To Remember, set for Thursday October 3, 2019. “This one will be different than any before. Instead of in the evening on the hospital’s walking track, this year’s Walk will be held on Celebration Plaza in the morning, starting at 10am. This will let passing traffic see what we are doing and how important the program really is to the walkers. We are looking for all the support we can get on Thursday October 3, by people who can take just a few minutes to walk the sidewalk circle with us, or who will come and stay all morning and be visible for passing traffic, as well as for those who will stop breifly to drop off their monetary donation for Terrific Tuesdays. Any and all those ways will really help, and any amount of money will help. Another way is to drop off your donation any weekday at the Senior Citizens Center, 150 MLK Drive. Karon Weatherman enthusiastically supports our drive, she has been a warrior for Terrific Tuesdays for more than ten years, since it’s start”.

Why focus on the caregiver of Alzheimer’s patients? According to Tammy, “many of these patients are not hospitalized ot institutionalized, but remain in their home or the home of a family member. Due to their memory loss, they cannot stay alone, and many times family members become their caregivers, even providing 24/7 care. Terrific Tuesdays provides one day per week where caregivers can be independent for a few hours, to catch up on their personal life or go to the hairdresser’s or shopping. They know their loved one is in good hands, and in a fun and friendly environment where they get social interaction. Many refer to it as ‘ my friends’ or ‘my club’ and look forward to returning each week to Terrific Tuesdays, held in the comfortable and friendly environment of First UMC in Sulphur Springs. For more information, contact Tammy Reardon at 706-580-2379 or mail donations to Terrific Tuesdays Program, c/o FUMC, 301 Church Street, Sulphur Springs, Texas, 75482.

Author: Enola Gay

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