Wildcats Marching Band Ends Summer Band With Traditional Squad Off at Prim Stadium Thursday

The Wildcats Marching Band marked the end of summer band with its’ traditional Squad Off Thursday evening (August 15) at Gerald Prim Stadium. A good number of parents and other band boosters attended. During the Squad Off, the euphonium section, formerly called baritone horns, took first place. They were the last squad left outlasting the clarinets. Then the band performed for the first time this season before an audience. The band did their first number for this fall’s halftime and contest show, It’s a Wonderful New World. The band played the entire song and marched most of it. Band Director Spencer Emmert said the band did about 70% noting that the long first song makes up about 40% of the entire halftime show. The opening of this year’s show will surprise traditional watchers of halftime band shows. The Wildcats Marching Band begins the show with choreography. Emmert said he believes this will be the most dynamic, exciting and unexpected beginning of a halftime show that Sulphur Springs has seen in a long time. At Squad Off, Emmert told the audience that this year’s Marching Band was his best summer band he has ever had in 18 years in band. He called it fantastic and said the kids were ideal, with no complaints, just hard work and bonding. Emmert seems to be a much more comfortable Sulphur Springs band director in his second season. He said the kids now know what to expect from him. Emmert said his staff is second to none. When some bragged on the band’s performance Thursday night, Emmert said it was really just the tip of the iceberg. He said the band was really tired after a grueling four hour Thursday morning practice under the broiling sun. He said the band also expended a lot of energy competing hard in the Squad Off.

Author: Chad Young

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