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MADD Encourages Designated Driver or Call for a Ride During Labor Day Holiday

Mothers Against Drunk Driving remind all to designate a driver or make arrangements for transportation if you plan to consume alcohol during the Labor Day holiday. MADD wants people to pause before they drink and have a plan in place that does not include driving.

MADD encourages the public to 1) designate a non-drinking driver before the party begins; 2) use Uber or Lyft to travel to and from the event or call for a ride home and pick up your car later; 3) call a friend to pick you up if you drink more than planned; 4)provide a place for guests who have been drinking can sleep at your home if you are hosting the party.

Labor Day is Monday September 3rd but the holiday begins Friday, August 31st. MADD urges you to plan for a safe holiday.  

Author: Staff Reporter

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