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Meet Como-Pickton’s New Superintendent

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By Savannah Owens

Como-Pickton CISD has a new Superintendent, Mr. Greg Bower. Originally from Union Grove, Texas, Bower says  its almost like coming home. He and his family are “just excited to be in the area.” His son, Dakota, age 12, goes to school in Harlton, but is elated for his dad to be the new superintendent. Bower describes Como-Pickton as “Just the kind of place I like to be…small schools, rural area, with good values…It’s just perfect. What I like most about this area is that everyone is so welcoming and friendly. I think the school is so awesome because of the folks around here. The kids and the school staff have been nothing but respectful and welcoming to me. It’s been an easy adjustment.”

Serving almost 20 years in education, Bower says he “has done just about everything that has to do with education.” He worked as a junior high and high school English and History teacher in Scurry-Rosser, served as the English department chair at Sam Houston middle school, and as the English coordinator at South Garland High school in Garland ISD. Bower worked as an assistant principal, associate principal, and head principal in Coriscana, Texas. He then traveled to Crosby where he was the head principal for four years. “I can’t think of a more honorable profession than being an educator.” His first few weeks as superintendent have been spent brainstorming with the principals, and getting settled in. His expectations for the school include increasing test scores, improving the facilities and motivating students to be successful at the next level.

He believes that in order for students to be successful, there needs to be “first a foundation to be good citizens and second to have basic educational skills and knowledge combined with good work ethics…Schools revolve around the kiddos and what makes a school great is the morals and characteristics of the community. We already have a great set of students and a thorough understanding of patience, guidance and wisdom from a caring and loving staff. If you have those things, and want to succeed and do well, then I think you have a great school…A lot of that already exists [in Como-Pickton]. The former Superintendent, Dr. Handlin did a great job at many things here and I’d like to continue those things. I don’t want to take away from anything that has been done previously. We have some good kids and great staff members so I want to continue to build on that foundation. One thing that I want to further here is to do a lot better job of celebrating our student success and also raise our state scores.”

Programs from previous schools Bower hopes to implement are “a bible literacy class and intervention strategies”. Bowers also encourages teachers in 21st century learning. “It’s imperative for teachers to utilize and integrate technology in classrooms and lessons and for our students to be technology-savvy to be able to further their education when they leave here.”

Mr. Bower seems to be a hands-on type of superintendent wanting to be involved in the schools and not just in the administration work. “I hope to roll up my sleeves, with the teachers and administrators here and figure out how we can achieve [better test scores].” He describes his management style as “collaborative team-work” meaning he is not one to micromanage and is open to input and ideas from the principals and teachers. Bower also plans on motivating the teachers and staff by “identifying successes, helping them grow in their weaknesses, and celebrating in their successes.”

Dusty O’Bryan, a 3rd grade teacher, is in her 19th year of teaching at Como-Pickton. She commented on how well Bowers fits in with the school, “We are really excited and looking forward to Mr. Bower being the superintendent. There’s been no awkwardness. He blended right in.”

Bowers is all smiles as he compliments his hard working teachers and staff. “Here’s a fun fact-Ms. Karla Jacks is  one of the best superintendent secretaries that ever existed!”

Ms. Jacks gave information about Como-Pickton’s history. “Consolidated in 1965, Como-Pickton houses 750 students, 65 teachers and 60 staff members.”

Bowers Vision for the schools is “for every child to be successful and for every staff member to work toward making those students successful. I also want the community to be proud and the school to hold a sense of pride for the community.”  It was evident that Bower loves what he does when he stated, “I plan on  being here for a long time.”

The Como-Pickton website offers information on the schools, as well as their mission and vision statements:

“The vision of Como-Pickton CISD is to develop every child to be a life-long learner, enabling them to be effective communicators, complex thinkers, and productive citizens qualified to meet the uncertainties of the future.”

“The mission of Como-Pickton Consolidated Independent School District, in partnership with the home and community, is to provide excellence in education through relevant learning opportunities that will prepare students to achieve personal fulfillment and to become responsible, productive members of society.”

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Author: Savannah Everett

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