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SSMS UIL East Texas Elite Junior High Invitational Meet Results

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“On Saturday, January 7th, 162 SSMS students competed in the 7th annual East Texas Elite Junior High Invitational Meet.  It was held at Hallsville Junior High in Hallsville, Texas.  Overall, SSMS received a 2nd place Sweepstakes trophy despite the 14 degree temperature that day.   Several of our students earned medals and ribbons for earning top spots in individual and team competitions,” said Kathy Wright, SSMS UIL Sponsor. The individual results are as follows:

6th grade


Melissa Lopez 1st place

Aleah Sotelo 2nd place

Micah Henderson 4th place

First place team:

Melissa Lopez

Aleah Sotelo

Micah Henderson

Kaylee Pennebaker


Calculator Applications

Aldo Ibarra 5th place

Ali Landers 6th place

Second place team:

Aldo Ibarra

Ali Landers

Nick Cantillo



Bridger Mayhew 1st place

Phoenix Capobianco 2nd place

Jonathan Richardo 3rd place

Trentin McKinney 5th place

First place team:

Bridger Mayhew

Phoenix Capobianco

Jonathan Richardo

Trentin McKinney


Dictionary Skills

Maleah Ross 1st place

Briley Vice 3rd place

Allyssa Isonhood 4th place

Maci Cote 6th place

First place team:

Maleah Ross

Briley Vice

Allyssa Isonhood

Maci Cote


Editorial Writing

Juliet Olivo 3rd place

Kierstan McDonald 4th place

Zykerra Colbert 5th place



Impromptu Speaking

Denver Wyatt 1st place

Carlos Juarez 2nd place

Miley Fisher 4th place



Jocelyn Yanez 1st place

Artesia Cheak 5th place

Kaylee Schumacher 6th place

Second place team:

Jocelyn Yanez

Artesia Cheak

Kaylee Schumacher

Rhealyn Tatum


Maps, Graphs & Charts

Adyson Leach 3rd place

Shane Mills 4th place



Madelyn Sherman 1st place

Second place team:

Madelyn Sherman

Jarrett Mason

Carlos Alba

Matthew Clark


Music Memory

Sallee Spraggins 1st place

Isabelle Thesing 3rd place

Ashland Hooten 4th place

Chloe Kerns 5th place

Tamiyah Rose 6th place

First place team

Sallee Spraggins

Isabelle Thesing

Ashland Hooten

Chloe Kerns

Tamiyah Rose



Number Sense

Brandon Lennon 5th place

Jack Bain 6th place

Second place team:

Brandon Lennon

Jack Bain

Reagan Massey


Oral Reading

Colbie Glenn 2nd place

Rebekah Stanley 4th place

Khira Young 5th place

Dylan Turner 6th place


Ready Writing

Aubrey Williams 6th place


Social Studies

Sean Dial 1st place

Zoe Haywood 2nd place

Keifer Williams 3rd place

1st place team:

Sean Dial

Zoe Haywood

Keifer Williams



Angel Cruz 3rd place

Jillian Jumper 4th place


7th grade



Shelby Ray 1st place

Allie Grace Woodard 2nd place

Anna Adair 3rd place

First place team:

Shelby Ray

Allie Grace Woodard

Anna Adair



Mary Cruz 6th place


Chess Puzzle Solving

Caleb Talmage 1st place

Jessica Snyder 5th place

Brendan Fink 5th place

Second place team:  

Caleb Talmage

Jessica Snyder

Brendan Fink


Dictionary Skills

Cason Foster 2nd place

Lazarrayah Johnson 4th place

Jasmine Cordova 5th place

Heather Horne 6th place

First place team:  

Cason Foster

Lazarrayah Johnson

Jasmine Cordova

Heather Horne


Editorial Writing

Gage Kuykendall 1st place

Clayton Boykin 3rd place

Hannah Wilcox 5th place


Impromptu Speaking

Conner Bailey 1st place

Addison Caddell 2nd place

Tyler Holt 3rd place

Victoria Mejia 4th place


Listening Skills

Fabian Perez 1st place

Sam Wilks 1st place

Madison Martin 4th place

Logan Wilcox 6th place

First place team:  

Fabian Perez

Sam Wilks

Madison Martin

Logan Wilcox


Maps, Charts & Graphs

Dylan Webb 3rd place

Griffin Crawford 6th place

Second place team:  

Dylan Webb

Griffin Crawford

Carson Fenton



Joel Villarino 5th place

Ryker Mason 6th place

Second place team:  

Joel Villarino

Ryker Mason

Matthew Sherman

Caleb Alexander


Music Memory

Savannah Lilley 1st place

Litzy Chacon 2nd place

Nate Lovelady 3rd place

Jessica Yanez 4th place

First place team:

Savannah Lilley

Litzy Chacon

Nate Lovelady

Jessica Yanez


Number Sense

Fernando Chimal 6th place

Second place team:

Fernando Chimal

Ryker Mason

Juan Hernandez

Alan Hernandez


Oral Reading

Emily Atkinson 2nd place

Cable Glenn 3rd place


Ready Writing

Hannah Wilcox 2nd place

Ben Braddy 3rd place

Harley Speed 4th place

Paige Bimmerlee 5th place


Science I

Sahib Randhawa 6th place

Second place team:

Sahib Randhawa

Scott Major

Landon Helms

Kylie Horton


Social Studies

Justin Haire 2nd place

Jose Mejia 3rd place

Jacob Semler 5th place

First place team

Justin Haire

Jose Mejia

Jacob Semler



Dawson Carpenter 1st place

Reese Rabe 3rd place

Chad Maynard 4th place

First place team:

Dawson Carpenter

Reese Rabe

Chad Maynard


8th grade



Wiley Bennett 1st place

Jackie Olivo 2nd place

Jamie Cervantes 3rd place

Kimberly Wheatcraft 3rd place

First place team:

Wiley Bennett

Jackie Oliva

Jamie Cervantes

Kimberly Wheatcraft


Calculator Applications

Justin Brantley 6th place



Dillan Blevins 2nd place

Gavin Myrdahl 3rd place

Lige Leavens 4th place

Robert Dyer 6th place

First place team:

Dillan Blevins

Gavin Myrdahl

Lige Leavens

Robert Dyer



Dictionary Skills

Mady Posey 1st place

Caroline Hurley 3rd place

Marisol Ramos 4th place

Hector Martinez 6th place

First place team:

Mady Posey

Caroline Hurley

Marisol Ramos

Hector Martinez


Editorial Writing

Aaliyah Valles 6th place


Impromptu Speaking

Raydon McCormick, 1st place

La ‘Modrick Johnson 2nd place

Hannah Schultz 3rd place


Listening Skills

Paige Daniels 1st place

Riley Wardrup 2nd place

Norrisa Lane 3rd place

First place team:

Paige Daniels

Riley Wardrup

Norrisa Lane


Maps, Graphs and Charts

Hector Martinez 4th place

Daniel Soto 5th place

Juan Andrade 6th place

Second place team:

Hector Martinez

Daniel Soto

Juan Andrade



Nathan Little 5th place

Second place team:

Nathan Little

Maci Swafford

Galilea Sosa


Modern Oratory

Brianna Boykin 3rd place

Emily Bocanegra 4th place



Music Memory

Gregg English 1st place

Avery Moss 2nd place

Allison Katchuska 3rd place

Maddie Holt 4th place

First place team:

Gregg English

Avery Moss

Allison Katchuska

Maddie Holt


Number Sense.

Nathan Little 5th place


Oral Reading – Poetry

Evie Cox 4th place

Maurie Flecker 6th place


Ready Writing

Kayetlyn Ricks 4th place

Trinity Sickles 6th place


Science II

Harrison Allen 1st place

Matthew Harper 5th place

Second place team:

Harrison Allen

Matthew Harper

Trinity Sherman

Braxton Hohenberger


Social Studies

Triston Steward 1st place

Grant Mohesley 5th place



Cameron Beard 2nd place

Ayanna Thomas 4th place

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