Winnsboro arrest… “I Guess I’m Going to Jail.”

A response to a disturbance call led Winnsboro police to arrest 36-year old Jonathan Wayne Nolen, a Winnsboro resident, for possession of less than 1 gram of methamphetamine, according to Chris Hill, Captain with the Winnsboro Police Department. Hill stated that a call from a citizen observing the disturbance alerted officer Blake McClure to Nolen walking along the street engaged in conversation with a female who was driving an auto alongside him. The pair was by this time passing in front of the police office. According to the report, McClure noted the male speaking in a loud voice and striking the car.

McClure requested the assistance of Officer Jamison Hawkins and the two stopped the travel of the two individuals and separated them for questioning. As Officer Hawkins questioned, Nolen became extremely agitated according to Captain Hill. Hawkins requested permission and began to frisk Nolen. Nolen would not allow Hawkins to check a specific pocket by pushing the officer’s hand away from the area. As Hawkins continued his attempt, Nolen finally reached into the pocket and retrieved what appeared to be a small camera bag and stated, “I guess I’m going to jail.”

Inside the bag was the quantity of methamphetamine. Nolen was placed under arrest at that time. The female was not charged and did not press charges against Nolen due to no damage done to her auto.

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