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Blattner Battles State of Texas on Damages From Building Solar Plant

April 21, 2023 – An investigation by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is ongoing in the Dike, Texas area in response to complaints from nearby landowners. TCEQ found during an investigation between February 22, 2023 and March 6, 2023 that the construction of the solar plant by Blattner Energy, LLC is in violation of the provisions laid out in TPDES General Permit No. TXR150000.

Stormwater from the site discharges into multiple unnamed tributaries of White Oak Creek in the Sulphur River Basin. The investigation determined that due to insufficient stormwater management, the site was discharging sediment offsite. One specific violation (TCEQ Track #839615) states that Blattner Energy LLC had failed to install and maintain effective erosion controls and sediment controls on the east side of the construction project. Blattner was given a compliance date of 5/18/2023 to correct this issue.

Blattner Energy LLC was charged with a second violation (TCEQ Track #839617) regarding “failure to utilize outlet structures that withdraw water from the surface when discharging from basins”. Specifically, this refers to improper or poorly constructed retention areas that are constructed to control sediment erosion from a construction site. Due to Blattner’s failure to properly construct these basins, sediment was allowed to erode and wash into the neaby tributaries including on neighboring property owners. Blattner was given a compliance date of 5/18/2023 to correct this issue.

Blattner Energy LLC was charged and resolved a third violation (TCEQ Track #839616) regarding “failure to prevent the unauthorized discharge of sediment into or adjacent to the Waters in the State of Texas per Texas Water Code, Chapter 26.121. On March 6, 2023 Blattner satisfied the requirements of the TCEQ on this matter and were provided with a notice that their corrective action was sufficient to resolve the violation.

Scott Blattner is listed as President of Blattner Energy, LLC which is in charge of construction of the Dike Solar Plant for Hopkins Energy LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of ENGIE North America Inc. Blattner Energy website touts several solar, storage and wind projects that the company is currently working on or have completed. The Dike project is not mentioned on their website. TCEQ Investigation: Hopkins Solar construction site. #1888135.

Author: Chad Young

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