NETBIO Cattle Sale In Sulphur Springs

March 20, 2023- The Northeast Texas Beef Improvement Organization (NETBIO) sold 4,705 head of pre-conditioned calves and yearlings at its Friday, March 19 sale held at the Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission.

It was an active sale with many buyers watching and purchasing over the Internet. They sold a total of 1,868 head of cattle to Internet buyers.

David Fowler, co-owner of the livestock market center and a member of the NETBIO board, said the market was good, and the cattle sold for an average of $1,054.18 per head. A total of 222 producers brought pre-conditioned cattle to the sale.

The demand was perfect for all cattle weights, both heifers and steers, as 33 buyers, including those on the Internet, purchased all the cattle.

Internet bidding continued throughout the sale at the Internet connection, ‘,’ which is easy to navigate. However, if you plan to buy cattle online, call or come by the exchange office and register before the sale. The telephone number is 903-885-2455.

The next sale will be at the Sulphur Springs Livestock Auction on Friday, May 19. The weaning deadline for calves consigned to that sale is March 19, and the last date for booster shots is April 19. Sales will follow that sale on July 21 and September 15.

Fowler said if producers have cattle ready for the next sale in May, he will encourage them to call the exchange office soon to get ear tags.

The NETBIO Pre-Conditioned Stocker and Feeder Calf Sale give producers a marketing opportunity to offer their pre-conditioned calves and yearlings in load lot quantities.

For more information, go to or check them on the Facebook page.

Author: Ethan Klein

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