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The Good Book Nutrition Nook

May 1, 2024 – Lisa Mansfield Hill proprietress of the new faith based nutrition and wellness store in Sulphur Springs, dropped by the KSST studios this week for a brief interview. Her shop, inside the Good News Christian Bookstore on 1181 Broadway, is a labor love and mirrors her own lifestyle.

Lisa Mansfield Hill

Lisa previously worked at a similar store in Sulphur Springs. Her 15 years working with Donna Korth, who Lisa identifies as a pioneer, inspired Lisa to continue providing natural products and education to the area.

“Donna passed me the torch, and I am proud to continue that legacy” said Hill.

Good Book Nutrition Nook has been in business for about 6 weeks, and during that short time Hill has already been able to expands the range of products offered.

Hill recently attended a trade show and education event, and that will provided new opportunities for her customers. “There will be a limited supply of complementary products that can be taken home and used.” said Hill.

Hill also emphasizes that her faith based philosophy of life and health is completely compatible with other medical advice. She strives to work with you and your physician to find a total solution.

Hill wants to thank our Lord and Savior and the Good News Christian Book Store for providing her the space inside their store. “The Jordans have been wonderful.” she added.

You can contact Lisa directly at 903 243 9663, or by email at [email protected].

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