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Another 61 Staff Changes Approved For SSISD

Sulphur Springs ISD Board of Trustees were made aware of and approved 61 staff changes during the regular July school board meeting — 21 resignations, 27 new hires and 13 jobs swaps either in position, campus or classroom — as recommended by district administrators during the regular July 11, school board meeting.

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These changes follow the 72 personnel changes — 18 resignations, 1 retirement, 32 new hires and 21 inter-district job and/or campus swaps — reported following the June 14, 2022 school board meeting; three dozen staff changes in April; 75 on May 9; a dozen May 16; 15 personnel changes as well as routine contract extensions recommended for certified and non-certified administrative personnel for the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 school years made in March; and a dozen staff changes in February.

The changes approved this month will impact every campus, from administrative and special services departments to Douglass, all 4 primary campuses, the early childhood, middle and high school campuses and ranged from speech pathologist and principal to teachers, coaches, administrative assistant, receptionist, and aides.


Among the SSISD staff whose resignations were submitted and formally accepted at the July 11, 2022, school board meeting were (by campus, name and position):

  • Administration
    • Patricia Garcia, Administrative Assistant
  • Douglass Early Childhood Learning Center
    • Lauren Scivally, Head Start 3 Teacher
  • Bowie Primary
    • Jaidyn Schroeder, Title 1 Aide
    • Kayla Emerine, Title 1 Aide
    • Laura Kring, Grade 1 Teacher
  • Rowena Johnson Primary
    • Chandra Crawford, Principal
    • Logan Scott, Title 1 Aide
    • Dustin Morgan, Academic Specialist
  • Sulphur Springs Elementary
    • Ashley Rodriguez, Special Education Aide
  • Sulphur Springs Middle School
    • Brittany Maness, PE/Coach
    • Karen Jolly, Grade 7 Co-Teacher
    • Zuleyma Rocha, Grade 6 Math
    • Donald Butler, Teacher/Assistant Girls Basketball Coach
    • Ryan Watts, Assistant Principal
    • Marcos Graza, Athletic Trainer
    • LaCrisha Shimp, Receptionist
  • Sulphur Springs High School
    • Courtney Anglin, Special Services Coordinator
    • Reta Linette Banks, Special Education Teacher
    • Erica Delley, Teacher/Girls Basketball Coach
    • Sadie Evans, Special Education Aide/Connections
  • Special Services
    • Jennifer Spencer, Speech Pathologist

New Personnel

Among those hired to join the SSISD faculty and staff during the July 11, 2022, school board meeting were (by campus, name and position):

  • Douglas ECLC
    • Especially Carr, Head Start 3 Teacher
    • Carmela Loera, Head Start Bilingual
    • Cynthia Looney, Special Education Aide
  • Bowie Primary
    • Laura Geeslin, Title 1 Aide
    • Dara Crawford, special education aide
  • Rowena Johnson Primary
    • Alesia Rollins, Music
    • Jill Whitney, Grade 3 English Language Arts and Reading/Social Studies
  • Travis Primary
    • Jacqueline Espinoza, Title 1 Aide
    • Emalee Bowley, Grade 1 Dual Language Enrichment English Language Arts and Reading/Math
  • Sulphur Springs Elementary
    • Lisa Parris-Orr, Special Education Aide
    • Amy Urquiza, Special Education Aide
  • Sulphur Springs Middle School
    • Erin McCray, Grade 7 Special Education Co-Teacher
    • Carrah Griffith, Special Education Aide
    • Taylor Rouleau, SPED Aide
    • Roxanna Thedford, Grade 6 History
    • Stefanie Cowden, Special Education Aide
    • Hannah Fields, Grade 6 Math
    • Nancy Gutierrez, At-Risk English as a Second Language Aide
    • Jacqueline Morovick, ISS Aide
    • Nyla Woodruff, a SPED Aide
  • Sulphur Springs High School
    • Lori Evans, Library Aide
    • Jacob McKeever, English
    • Joel Skipper, Culinary Arts
    • Bryan Jones, Teacher/Head Girls Basketball Coach
    • Amy Maker, Art & Digital Design
    • Nicholas Tovar, Math
    • Shaye Sabedra, PED Aide Connections

Personnel Changes

Included among the SSISD staff changing either campuses, jobs or both were:

  • Sasha Posey, going from Academic Specialist at SSES to Rowena Johnson Primary to become Principal
  • Vallesha Adams, from Special Education Aide at Douglass ECLC to SSMS to each 6th Grade Math
  • Cody Carns, from Special Education aide at SSHS to Special Education Teacher at SSHS
  • Crystal Cervantes Sanchez, from Head Start 4 Bilingual Teacher at Douglass ECLC to Travis Primary to teach 1st Grade Dual Language Enrichment Spanish Language Arts, Science and Social Studies at Travis Primary
  • Kim Chisom, from 8th Grade English Language Arts and Reading 180 at SSMS to teach Special Education Resource Reading at SSMS
  • Jordan Cruz, from SSES Special Education Aide to become a Teacher and Coach at SSMS
  • Jessica Hall, switching Special Education Aide duties at SSES
  • Jerica Hankins, from Special Education Aide to At-Risk Aide at SSMS
  • Cassie Ibanez, from Title 1 Aide to Behavior Aide at Bowie Primary
  • Kimberly Isonhood, from English teacher at SSMS to 3rd Grade Math and Science teacher at Bowie Primary
  • Cammie McGraw, from Special Education Teacher to Special Education Coordinator at SSHS
  • Gerson Salvatoreh, From At-Risk Aide at SSMS to English Language Arts and Reading/Read 180 Teacher
  • Heather Velez, from At-Risk Aide to Special Education Aide at SSMS

Author: KSST Contributor

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