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Local Committees for Visit of Vietnam Veterans ‘Wall That Heals’  Mobilizing Plans Including Yellow Ribbon Campaign

Mandy Kennedy and committees are meeting frequently to finalize plans

Committee meetings are currently being held to define and refine plans for one of the biggest events ever hosted in Hopkins County. THE WALL THAT HEALS is scheduled to arrive in Sulphur Springs, Texas during the first week of November so that Hopkins County can “Welcome Home America’s Vietnam Veterans. 

Committee members include Stacy Davis, Danny Davis and Derb Goodman

In 2019, Mandy Kennedy proposed to members of the Hopkins County Veterans Committee that an application for hosting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial traveling exhibit and Mobile Education Center be pursued. She realized that Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County had a unique opportunity to be chosen for hosting a visit to our community by THE WALL THAT HEALS, a three-quarter sized replica of The Wall in Washington, D.C.  It was important that the project plan include co-sponsorship by the City of Sulphur Springs and the Sulphur Springs Independent School District, as it would take a combined effort to make it happen.  And indeed, out of hundreds of applicants, Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County was the ONLY city in Texas chosen for 2021, and the only site visit within the 10 southern states. Our community is special.

L. to R. Committee members Amy Wilburn, Jerry Voss, Dena Loyd, Nikki Flannery,  Jerry Maynard, Trish Otts and Josh Williams. 

And now through the untiring efforts of the combined HCVM, SSISD, and City of Sulphur Springs. Committee, that community visit is now a reality and is only weeks away. The latest meeting, held on Tuesday September 28, 2021, in the Cross Room of The Roc, provided additional information and clarification on the numerous aspects of hosting THE WALL THAT HEALS, as well as the many volunteer opportunities soon to open up. 

Individual citizens, families, organizations, business and industry are invited to take part in the Yellow Ribbon Campaign. now to set the mood and spirit for the visit, and to volunteer for a share in the many hands-on assignments required during the November 4-7 visit.  Additionally, thousands of visitors from other cities and states are expected to arrive in Sulphur Springs to view The Wall That Heals and Mobile Education Center during those days. As is often said, “it takes a village”, so many hands and hearts are sure to be needed to accomplish the goal to “Welcome Home America’s Vietnam Veterans” right here in Hopkins County during this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Members Lydia Walden and Jennie Arledge share plans on how to involve students from all school districts in the county

Can you help? Will you volunteer? Contact Mandy Kennedy at 903-243-2206, any of the committee members, or visit the website at

Committee members Carlie Penson, Phyllis Roundtree and Bob Kerr
 Also attending were Phillip Gabbert, Joey Baker and Judge Robert Newsom

Author: Enola Gay

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