78 Personnel Changes Approved For Sulphur Springs ISD

Trustees approved administrators’ recommendations for 78 personnel changes for Sulphur Springs ISD during their regular monthly board meeting Monday. The list of personnel items included 23 resignations, 42 new hires and 13 position and/or campus changes at the July 12 meeting.

Position/Campus Changes

Thirteen SSISD employees will be swapping around, either jobs, classrooms or campuses, some potentially all three.

Miranda Jones will continue to teach at Barbara Bush Primary, but will switch from a self-contained special education classroom to a second grade English language arts and reading classroom.

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Cathy Gray will be swap a third grade classroom at Bowie Primary to teach second grade Dual Language Enrichment ELAR and math teacher at Travis Primary.

DeKasha Nash will switch from being an academic secretary at Bowie Primary to teaching fourth grade math and science at Sulphur Springs Elementary. Allison Miesse will go from teaching in special education PPCD class at Douglas Early Childhood Learning Center to SSES, where she will become a behavioral interventionist.

Shelby Gammill will continue to teach, but will trade a fourth grade math and science classroom at SSES for a seventh grade math classroom at Sulphur Springs Middle School. Brittany Preas too will move from SSES to SSMS, but will trade her job as a behavior specialist to become a counselor.

Jessica Arnold, Kimberly Chisom, Adrienne Lilley, Heather Velez and Ryan Watts will all continue to work on the SSMS campus, but will each switch jobs. Arnold will swap from at-risk aide to library aide, Chisom from SAC aide to special education aide, Lilley from library aide to seventh grade ELAR teacher, Velez from special education aide to at-risk aide and Watts is being promoted from science teacher to assistant principal.

Brandy Fisher will continue to serve as a special education aide, but will be moving from Austin Academic Center to SSHS.

Brenda Perez will remain at the SSHS campus, but will move up from special education aide to special education teacher.


Among the 23 resignations formally accepted at the July board meeting were, by campus assignment:

  • Administration Building
    1. Janelle Safford, Innovative Learning Design Specialist
    2. Sonia Cordova Yanez, ESL/LPAC/Migrant Facilitator
  • Douglass Early Childhood Learning Center
    1. Janice Pickles, Head Start 4 Teacher
    2. Alexa Sexton, Pre-K Teacher
  • Barbara Bush Primary
    1. Brenna Balog, Grade 1 Teacher
    2. Katy Gifford, Special Education Aide
    3. Sarah Ingle, Grade 1 Teacher
    4. Kelsie Moser, Grade 1 Teacher
    5. Lanie Smith, SpEd Aide
  • Lamar (Soon to become Rowena Johnson) Primary
    1. Brandi Perez, SpEd Aide
  • Travis Primary
    1. Mary Ebarb, Title I Aide
  • Sulphur Springs Middle School
    1. Kelsie Adams, ESL Aide
    2. Christi Hartsell, Innovative Learning Design Specialist
    3. Eric Jackson, P.E. Teacher/Coach
  • Sulphur Springs High School
    1. Rhonda Caldwell, English Teacher
    2. Charles Cody, Social Studies/Teen Leadership/Coach
    3. Sean Coleman, Social Studies Teacher/Coach
    4. Austin Fleming, SpEd Teacher/Coach
    5. Rae Ann Ford, Social Studies Teacher/Coach
    6. Jonas Satterfield, SpEd Aide
    7. Jacob Sexton, Spanish Teacher/Coach
    8. Brittney Tisdell, Science Teacher/Head Girls Basketball Coach
    9. Alyssa Withrow, English Teacher

New Personnel

Among the 42 new personnel approved July 12, 2021, by SSISD Board of Trustees for hire were, by campus:

  • Douglass ECLC
    1. Aliah Johnson, Pre-K Aide
    2. Linsey Moore, Head Start Aide
  • Barbara Bush Primary
    1. Emma Cooey, SpEd Aide
    2. Amber Harris, SpEd Aide
    3. Alana Hayes, Grade 1 ELAR Teacher
    4. Klarissa Nottingham, SpEd Aide
    5. Bruce Taylor, Self-Contained SpEd Teacher
    6. Lyndie Wallace, Grade 1 ELAR Teacher
  • Bowie Primary
    1. Esmeralda Aguilar, Grade 3 ELAR Teacher
    2. LeAnn Best, Academic Secretary
    3. Briana Peterson, SpEd Aide
  • Lamar (Rowena Johnson) Primary
    1. Carson Folmar, Grade 1 ELAR Teacher
    2. Kristin Potts, Grade 3 Teacher
    3. Lila Sears, Title I Aide
  • Travis Primary
    1. Lissette Cruz, Library Aide
    2. Lourdes Garcia, Title I Aide
  • Sulphur Springs Elementary
    1. Lisseth Carmona, Bilingual Aide
    2. Robin Hall, Grade 4 Math & Science
    3. Lauren Price, Grade 4 ELAR/Social Studies Teacher
    4. Karley Telfer, Grade 4 ELAR/Social Studies Teacher
  • Sulphur Springs Middle School
    1. Sean Ditto, SpEd Teacher
    2. Jada Goodson, SpEd Aide
    3. Kathy Hewett,SAC/ISS Aide
    4. Breanna Hodges, P.E./Volleyball Coach
    5. Thelma Hodges, Grade 8 Science Teacher
    6. Tonya Loftice, Innovative Learning Design Specialist
    7. Jessica Phillips, SpEd Aide
    8. Adrian Pruitt, Police Officer
    9. Erica Rios, SpEd Aide
    10. Chasity Roy, ESL Aide
    11. Cody Taylor, P.E. Teacher/Coach
  • Sulphur Springs High School
    1. Lauren Arden, Culinary Arts Teacher
    2. Donald Butler, World History Teacher/Coach
    3. Erica Delley, Teacher/Head Girls Basketball Coach l
    4. Courtney DeJarneatt, SpEd Aide
    5. Jerrick Massenburge, Teacher/Coach
    6. Matthew Newcomer, Social Studies Teacher/Coach
    7. Casey Pederson, Anatomy & Physiology and Forensic Science Teacher/Coach
    8. Amy Ridner, HST Teacher
    9. Jason Stephenson, High School
    10. Lacie Stracener, HST Teacher
    11. Zakarius Wells, Teacher/Coach

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