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Treasurer’s Office Adding Deputy Position At No Additional Cost To The County

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Fire Marshal To Serve On Board Of Water Planning Board

Hopkins County Commissioners Court Friday selected Hopkins County Fire Marshal Andy Endsley to serve on a water planning board and agreed, in the spirit of county efficiency, on adding treasury deputy position.

Treasury Deputy Position

Hopkins County Treasurer Danny Davis asked the Commissioners Court to approve staff restructuring, creating a deputy treasurer’s position in his office.

Hopkins County Treasurer Danny Davis (right) explains to the Commissioners Court his request for a deputy treasurer will not cost the county any additional money.

“With the help of the Court, we are restructuring the Treasurer’s Office, moving a position at zero cost to the county, that is in the HR department to line up statutorily with my duties – kind of like we did with the Veterans Service Office – then, merging it back in to where the Treasury Office takes on more responsibility,” Davis explained. ” It’s streamlined across the state what the actual duties of that office are. Again there will be zero cost to the county by moving that position back over to the Treasurer’s Office. That position will then in turn take on the treasury deputy responsibility so that person will be named the treasury deputy as well.”

County Auditor Shannah Aulsbrook noted, however, that moving the position from HR to the Treasurer’s Office would require a budget amendment.

“It’s just simply moving the funds from the admin. office for the position and the insurance. It will be a budget amendment to move the money into the Treasurer’s Office. It’s no cost to the county. It’s just laterally moving the money from one department to another,” Aulsbrook said.

Having a deputy treasurer would mean someone would be in the office at all times during business hours. This will be extremely helpful. For instance, if he leaves the office to go to lunch or is out on vacation, the deputy treasurer would be able to legally collect and deposit funds, instead of another department having to hold the funds at the county until Davis’ return. The deputy treasurer will be required to attain about 20 hours of training annually.

“I think it’s great. It makes perfect sense,” Aulsbrook added.

Barker concurred that having a deputy treasurer is a good move, and made the motion to amend the budget as required and designate a county treasury deputy position. Precinct 2 Commissioner Greg Anglin second the motion, which received the unanimous approval of the Commissioners Court.

Water Board Nomination

Precinct 1 Commissioner Mickey Barker Friday told the Commissioners Court that he has been serving on the board North East Regional Water Planning Group, but today is stepping down for personal, family reasons. He submitted a letter to Judge Robert Newsom asking that the Commissioners Court accept his resignation.

Hopkins County Fire Marshal Andy Endsley

Barker nominated Hopkins County Fire Marshal Andy Endsley to replaced him as the county’s representative on the water board.

“I have been to some of their meetings. I generally have been attending the meetings through the Zoom meetings online. I attended one yesterday. I feel like its just a vital role not only to our county to be part of water planning but also it heavily involves the fire service side, environmental – everything, all the aspects that we do in our field, it totally involves all of it. We definitely need representation here. I’d be honored to take that appointment if chosen,” Endsley told the Commissioners Court during their regular meeting Friday.

The motion to nominate Endsley to serve in Barker’s place on the board of North East Regional Water Planning Group was seconded by Precinct 3 Commissioner Wade Bartley, then unanimously approved by Commissioners Court June 25, 2021.

Author: Faith Huffman

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