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Sulphur Springs Mayor Recognizes Texas History Month

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Sulphur Springs Mayor John Sellers, known locally for his passion for genealogy and history, this week took during the regular City Council meeting to recognize the significance of the day to Texas and encouraged citizens to join him in celebrating Texas’ historical past.

“It is imperative that the citizens of the great State of Texas make every effort to preserve, protect and promote the diversified and cultural history of our state,” Sellers read from a proclamation recognizing March as Texas History Month. He noted the significance of issuing the proclamation on March 2, 2021, as it marked the 185th anniversary of the signing of Texas Declaration of Independence which created the Republic of Texas.

The Republic of Texas existed for nine years before becoming the 28th state to join the Union. Sellers noted that the Republic of Texas in February 1845 approved a resolution to enter the Union, which became known as the Constitution of 1845, and allowed Texas to retain its right to divide into four states in addition to the original Texas. The Republic of Texas joined the Union on Dec. 29, 1845.

Sellers noted other things that distinguish Texas are the facts that it is “the only state that was a Republic before joining the Union, the second largest state in land mass and the second largest in population. It occupies about seven percent of the total land and water areas of the United States.”

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Other historic notables are the Alamo complex, purchased in the early 20th century by Texas Legislature, with the Alamo chapel designated as the official Texas State Shrine. Alamo Day is celebrated on March 6 annually to commemorate the significance of the shrine.

The Texas Rangers, established in 1826 by Stephen F. Austin as a “unique group of lawmen used to track down outlaws, settle feuds and reconcile land disputes, is another significant note in Texas History. The agency became part of Texas Department of Public Safety in 1935 and continues to stand for law and order in the state today.

Texas is the Lone Star State, named for the single five-point white star on a blue background, with one upper white and one lower red horizontal stipe each. Local governments, including Sulphur Springs City Council and Sulphur Springs Independent School District Board of Trustees, open meetings with an invocation and reciting of the pledges of allegiance to the United States and Texas flags.

Sellers urges all citizens to join him in observing Texas History Month with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

Map of Texas counties

Author: Faith Huffman

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