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Social Security Scammers Calling Hopkins County Residents

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A KSST listener reported two phone calls to his home phone number on Monday February 1, 2021. After reporting the disturbing calls to the police, the listener called KSST to relay the information in the hopes that other local residents would be prepared in case the scammers call their number too.

The homeowner let the answering machine pick up the calls, listened to them later, and let us know the basic content of the message. The caller had identified himself by name as an officer of the Social Security Administration, calling to inform the homeowner that suspicious activity relating to their Social Security number had been detected. He advised that the homeowner should act immediately for the safety of their Social Security account. He then advised the homeowner to contact the legal department of Social Security by ‘pressing 1’, and if they do not, their Social Security account would be discontinued permanently. According to the homeowner, one of the phone numbers used by the scammer was a Commerce number, and the other one registered ‘unknown’.

If you receive phone calls claiming to be the Social Security Administration, you should regard them with caution. helpful information regarding scammer calls. Below is some information from the Social Security Administration.

Author: Enola Gay

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