Student Enrollment In SSISD Virtual Academy Down 11 Percent Beginning Of School

Student enrollment in the SSISD Virtual Academy is down about 11 percent after the first week of the third 9-weeks grading period compared to the start of school, according to Sulphur Springs Independent School District Superintendent Mike Lamb. As a whole enrollment at SSISD is down from 4,380 in September 2020 to 4,323 in January 2021. The 2020 counts are below the 4,420 students enrolled in SSISD in 2019, as well.

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“We just finished our first week of the third 9-weeks, so the update you have there represents that,” Lamb told SSISD trustees during a special school board meeting conducted earlier this week.

Overall, only about 9 percent (371 students) of all students (4,323) were enrolled in the SSISD Virtual Academy, down from just over 20 percent (883 of 4,380) at the beginning of the school year.

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“I’m glad we’re doing virtual for those that need it and want it; we’re making that work,” Lamb said. “We’ve done some things where we’ve basically asked those that aren’t being successful to come back. So, you can assume that those that are there are doing it successfully and that’s a good thing. Make no mistake about, look for the day we can all be back together and not have the virtual, and can be face-to-face and have the school back open.”

Early Childhood

Douglass Early Childhood Learning Center, as of the start of the third 9-week grading period, had a 5 percent Virtual Academy enrollment, down from 19 percent during the second week of school and 8 percent in December. The campus went from 160 in face-to-face classes on campus and 38 virtual students in September to 194 face-to-face and 16 virtual students in December, then 204 on-campus students and 11 virtual students in January.

Overall enrollment has also increased at Douglass, from 198 students in September to 210 in December and 215 in January.

Primary Campuses

Virtual Academy enrollment for the four primary campuses was reduced from 285 students in September to 184 in December and just 83 in January. Overall, enrollment in kindergarten through third grade fluctuated from 1,289 in September to 1,227 in December and 1,234 in January. Eleven more students were enrolled in kindergarten, nine more in first grade, eight more in third grade and 75 less in third grade in January than in September.

At Bowie Primary, the virtual enrollment dropped from 18 percent in September to 12 percent in December and 5 percent in January. Campus enrollment was 312 in September, 311 in December and 319 in January.

Barbara Bush Primary’s Virtual Academy enrollment went from 18 percent in September to 9 percent in December and 6 percent in January. Enrollment at Bush rose from 335 the first grading period, 334 the second and 340 at the start of the third 9-weeks grading period.

The VA enrolment at Lamar Primary remained 7 percent from December to January, down from 31 percent in September. Lamar had 352 students in September, 297 in December and January.

Travis Primary’s virtual enrollment has dwindled from 21 percent the second week of school to 11 percent in December and 9 percent in January. The campus had 290 students the second week of school, 291 in December and 286 in January.

Sulphur Springs Elementary

Virtual academy enrollment at Sulphur Springs Elementary decreased from 17 percent in September to 11 percent in December and seven percent in January.

Overall enrollment on the campus increased from 612 in September to 621 in December and January. The campus had five additional fifth graders, and four additional fifth graders in December and January, than the 304 fourth graders and 308 fifth graders reported to to be enrolled at SSES on the second week of school.

Middle School

Sulphur Springs Middle School reported 8 percent of students were enrolled in Virtual Academy in January, down from 19 percent in September and 12 percent in December.

Overall, SSMS had 1,011 students enrolled in January, one more than in December and two more than in September. Sixth grade enrollment fell from 318 in September to 316 in December and 315 in January. Seventh grade had 371 students enrolled in January, six more than in September and four more than in December. The eighth grade class rose from 326 in September to 327 in December, but declined to 325 in January.

High School

The Virtual Academy enrollment at Sulphur Springs High School declined from 20 percent in September to 17 percent in December and 12 percent in January.

Enrollment as a whole declined at SSHS from 1,271 in September to 1,248 in December and 1,234 in January. The freshman class declined from 335 in September to 330 in December and added one student in January. The sophomore class had 322 students right after school started, 320 before Christmas break and 314 during the third 9-weeks grading period. A total of 318 juniors were enrolled at SSHS the second week of school, 312 during the second grading period and 306 in the third grading period. There were 296 seniors enrolled at SSHS in September, 286 in December and 383 in January.

SSISD Virtual Academy (Vir.) and face-to-face (F2F) student enrollment as of January 2021

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