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Jan. 18 COVID-19 Update: 5 New Cases, 135 Active Cases

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While there were no new COVID-19 recoveries, no new fatalities were reported either on Monday. Half as many new cases were reported on Monday as on Sunday, and there were less COVID-19 patients in Trauma Service Area F hospitals on Jan. 18 than on Jan. 17, according to Texas Department of State Health Services Jan. 18 COVID-19 updates.

COVID-19 Case Counts

Only five new COVID-19 cases were reported on Monday, four confirmed cases and one probable case. That’s down from 10 new cases, seven confirmed molecular and three probable cases, reported on Sunday

So far this month, that’s 178 new lab-confirmed molecular cases and 96 probable cases, that is people who have either tested positive through an antigen test or have a combination of symptoms and a known exposure to someone with COVID-19 without a more likely diagnosis. Cumulatively, 1,300 Hopkins County residents have received lab-confirmed positive molecular COVID-19 results and 1,213 probable cases.

Of the 2,513 COVID-19 cases reported for Hopkins County since March 2020, 2,293 have recovered from the virus, 130 of them over the weekend and 240 this month., according to the DSHS Dec. 18 COVID-19 Case Counts dashboard.

COVID-19 Test and Hospital Data

Six less COVID-19 patients were in Trauma Service Area F on Sunday than the 232 lab-confirmed novel Coronavirus 2019 patients reported to be in hospitals across TSA-F on Saturday. The 226 COVID-19 patients in the hospital Jan. 18 was still five more than on Jan. 16 and six more than on Jan. 14, and 22 more than on Jan. 1, but six less than on Jan. 13 and 15 less than on Jan. 8.

Total hospitalizations decreased from 658 on Saturday to 625 on Sunday, which is still 92 less than on Dec. 31. Fourteen less inpatient beds were staffed on Sunday than the 966 inpatients reported to be in TSA-F hospitals on Saturday, and 14 less total staffed hospital beds on Sunday than then 1,058 reported in TSA-F Saturday.

Only seven ICU beds were available in TSA-F Sunday, three fewer than on Saturday. Three more ventilators were available on Sunday than the 70 available in TSA-F Saturday. A total of 327 hospital beds were available on Sunday, 19 more than on Saturday, according to the DSHS Jan. 18 COVID-19 Test and Hospital data dashboard.

While the overall numbers are less, COVID-19 hospitalizations still accounted for 21.65 percent of the total hospital capacity in Trauma Service Area F on Sunday. That’s considered to be “high hospitalizations” and means the counties within TSA-F continue to be subject to GA-32 until COVID-19 hospitalizations remain below the 15 percent capacity threshold for seven consecutive days. (Delta, Morris and Red River Counties are exempt from the reduction to 50 percent capacity due to low number of new cases of a 2 week period.) TSA-F has had consistently high COVID-19 hospitalizations since Dec. 26, according to the DSHS Jan. 18 COVID-19 Combined Hospital Data over Time by Trauma Service Area (TSA) report.

DSHS has received reports of 16,326 COVID-19 tests being conducted in Hopkins County, including 13,094 viral or molecular tests, 1,481 antigen tests and 1,751 antibody tests. Of those, 64 molecular tests were performed on Sunday, 26 antigen tests and six antibody test were performed on Sunday, according to the DSHS Jan. 18 COVID-19 Test and Hospital Data dashboard.

COVID-19 Vaccine

Of the 3,334,900 doses of COVID-19 vaccine allocated to providers in Texas for distribution, 1,307,663 doses had been administered as of 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021. Hopkins County has been allocated 2,300 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, although DSHS only announced the allocations to be received some time during the week of Jan. 18 Sunday evening, so not all doses had been received by providers.

According to the DSHS release, at least 700 doses of the vaccine have been designated for CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic-Sulphur Springs, and vaccines are shipped throughout the week, so there’s no way of knowing when the next allotment will arrive. According to the DSHS COVID-19 Vaccine Data dashboard, 800 doses were allocated to the hospital, 900 to the clinic and 300 to pharmacies. Three hundred second doses of the vaccine are also slated to be delivered to facilities that administered the first dose to local residents.

The COVID-19 vaccine has been given to 1,179 people in Hopkins County. So far, 1,084 have received the first dose of the vaccine and 95 have received that second dose. That mean six additional people were reported Jan. 18 to have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

For addition information about the COVID-19 Vaccine click here or the link on the DSHS COVID-19 page,

Click the Available COVID-19 Vaccines in Texas link, to view information about providers allocated vaccines, including maps with contact information.

Click the Vaccine Data link for information about COVID-19 vaccine allocation, demographics on vaccinations by state and county

DSHS Jan. 18 COVID-19 Vaccine Data Dashboard showing demographics of people who have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in Hopkins County as of 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021
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Author: Faith Huffman

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