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HCGS Library to Remain Closed Until March 1, 2021

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Message from Jan Stovall, HCGS Librarian on January 25, 2021

Print allIn new windowHello All, The HCGS board decided to keep the library closed until March 1st . But we will re-evaluate the end of February and determine if we can re-open safely or continue to remain closed. We will continue to monitor emails, phone calls, and answer queries while closed. If you have a question please email it or leave a message on the phone answering machine. We will get back to you shortly. For those that might have missed it, we had a really wonderful zoom program given by Kathy Huber on researching using the Dawes rolls. Kathy is the genealogy center manager in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One plus from this pandemic is that we are able to book outstanding speakers who might not be able to travel the distance to Sulphur Springs to speak in person on a Thursday night. We look forward to seeing and hearing more amazing speakers in the coming months. And if you tried to log in last Thursday night and had problems please let us know so we can help resolve them. Also, I am beginning a new year as librarian and will be looking to add new titles to our shelves. It would help me greatly if you would send me your wish list of titles or locations that you are researching so that I can concentrate my search in those areas. 

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