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Duvall, Gonzales Sentenced On One Felony Charge Each

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Two men were sentenced on one felony charge each Jan. 4 in district court, according to court reports.

Rowdy Dee Duvall (HCSO jail photo)

Rowdy Dee Duvall was scheduled to appear in the 8th Judicial District Court at 10 a.m. Jan. 4 for a sentence on an unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon charge. The offense was alleged to have occurred on March 2, 2019.

The third-degree felony charge stems from a traffic stop on Jefferson Street around 2:45 a.m. March 2, 2019. Sulphur Springs Police Cpl. Chris Rosamond reportedly stopped Duvall for failure to signal a turn. A probable cause search of the Lincoln Continental yielded a handgun within reach of both Duvall and a Andrea Nicole White of Winnsboro, whose criminal histories included a felony conviction, resulting in both being charged with possession a firearm by a felon, Rosamond alleged in 2019 arrest reports.

The 41-year-old Winnsboro man’s jail records show he was in jail in Hopkins County from June 1-Nov. 9, 2017 and from March 3-29, 2018, on violation on violation of parole charges.

Duvall was also alleged to have 1.7 grams of a substance believed to be methamphetamine in his possession, resulting in the 41-year-old Winnsboro man also being charged on March 2, 2019, with possession of 1 gram or more but less than 4 grams of a Penalty Group 2 controlled substance. March 2, 2019 was the second time he was arrested Duvall was arrested in Hopkins County on a controlled substance charge; he was also jailed June 1-Nov. 9, 2017, for possession of 1 gram or more but less than 4 grams of a Penalty Group 1, according to jail reports.

He was indicted in April 2019 on the firearm charge. Duvall has been in Hopkins County jail since he turned himself in at the sheriff’s office on Jan. 3, 2021, on a warrant for violating probation on the unlawful possession of a firearm charge, according to jail reports.

Duvall has been sentenced to 25 years in jail on the firearm charge, according to the prosecutors.

Rudolpho Gonzales (HCSO jail photo)

Rudolpho Gonzales was also scheduled to appear before 8th Judicial District Judge Robert Newsom during the 10 a.m. court session on Monday, Jan. 4, 2021, to receive the judge’s ruling on sentencing for an evading arrest or detention with a vehicle or watercraft charge.

The 47-year-old was arrested Sept. 24, 2019, on the evading arrest charge as well as a reckless driving charge. He also had a warrant out of Dallas for insufficient bond on a criminal trespass charge, according to jail reports. Gonzales remained in Hopkins County jail until June 16, 2020 on the charges.

Gonzales, who is also known by Rudy Gonzales, Rudolfo Gonzales, Rudolfo Sergio Gonzalez, Rudopho Sergio Gonzales, Rudy Sergio Gonzales, Rud and Rudolpho Sergio Gonzales, returned to Hopkins County jail on Nov. 12, 2020 for bond forfeiture on the evading arrest charge, and has remained in custody ever since. His bond was originally set at $10,000 in 2019 and his new bond was set at $20,000 on the evading arrest charge in 2020.

According to jail reports, Gonzales had a prior felony conviction at the time of his arrest in 2019. He was jailed June 14, 2018 on a burglary of a building warrant and an unauthorized use of a vehicle warrant. He was was indicted July 19, 2018 on both charge, then, pled guilty and was sentenced on Oct. 9, 2018, to one year of state jail time on the burglary of a building charge, according to court records.

Gonzales also was sentenced Jan. 4, 2021, by the judge to 35 years on the Sept. 24, 2019 evading arrest or detention with a vehicle or watercraft charge, according to prosecutors.

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Author: Faith Huffman

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