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Final Plat Of Dority Addition Is Being Recommended To Sulphur Springs City Council

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The final plat request from Kenneth Dority for Dority Addition is being recommended to Sulphur Springs City Council for approval at the next regular council meeting. The plat would allow 10.84 acres at the corner of Fisher and Spence Street to be divided into 35 lots on which a residential duplex type property would be located.

The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the request at a meeting conducted last week via Zoom videoconferencing, provided special considerations are addressed as stipulated. The project in October was rezoned from heavy commercial to single family attached zoning, on which duplexes can be placed.

The engineered plans have been reviewed by the city engineer and are substantially acceptable with some additional details needed for easements and storm drainage, according to Sulphur Springs Community Development Director Tory Niewiadomski.

Included will be a stipulation that whoever is responsible for lot 35 will take care of mowing and debris removal to prevent anything from obstructing water through drainage into a retention pond.

A new street through the duplex complex will provide more than one entry/exit point to the complex. The new street, Twin Oaks Street as proposed, would exit Fisher, span the length of the complex then turn to connect to Village Drive.

There will be no on-street parking for Twin Oaks Street. Each unit will have four parking spaces, without obstructing the sidewalk, on the property because of the narrow width of Twin Oaks Street. Setbacks have been increased to accommodate two vehicles back to back and two to side per unit. From street edge, there will be a 3 foot grass strip, 6 foot sidewalk, and 4 foot grass strip to conclude the right-of-way.

Per city staff’s recommendations, Dority’s application for final plat for the Dority Addition was approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission and is being recommended to Sulphur Springs City Council, provided it includes: drainage easements for lots 12-25 and 27-35 (along Twin Oaks Street); adds maintenance responsibility for the detention pond area to Lot 35; increases the front building setback line from 25 feet to 36 feet for lots 12-35 for the off-street parking; and on-street parking is prohibited on Twin Oaks Street.

Sulphur Springs City Council meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. The next meeting, according to the normal schedule, will be held on Jan. 5, 2021. The meeting agenda had not yet been posted, but is typically available on Friday evening before the Tuesday meeting.

Author: Faith Huffman

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