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Wildcats Offensive Line Coach Sees His O Line Taking Shape

For the past nine seasons, Wildcats Football Coach Greg Owens has depended on Assistant Coach Jeremy Offutt to mold the Wildcats offensive line. Coach Offutt calls this year’s varsity group an interesting mix. He currently plans to start three veteran seniors and two intriguing sophomores on the varsity O Line. Coach Offutt currently has eight offensive linemen including three tackles, three guards and two centers. Three of the eight are sophomores. The veterans include Raydon McCormack, Alfredo Olavide and Somjai Pryor. Coach Offutt says McCormack played a lot last year at guard. He now is the starting center. Coach Offutt says McCormack is doing a great job and is showing a lot of improvement. Olavide is in his third year as a varsity offensive lineman. Coach Offutt says Fredo, the right guard, has lost quite a bit of weight and is now quicker. He says Pryor is a darn good left tackle who is quick. Sophomore starters are Shawn Dial and Dalton Givens. Dial, the right tackle, played on the freshman team last year. Coach Offutt says Dial has worked hard and is getting quicker and stronger. Coach Offutt says Givens, at left guard, is massive, likes football and has what he calls heavy hands. Coach Offutt says during demonstrations when he makes contact with Givens and his hands, it hurts. The coach says that rarely happens to him. He says Givens has a chance to be special. Coach Offutt says his swing tackle is Nick Cantillo, who may spend most of his time playing defense. He says Cantillo really likes to get after it. Coach Offutt says the OL is shaping up. He says they have to stay healthy and continue to get better and he adds they have the proper mentality to do that.

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Author: Matt Janson

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