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COVID-19 Cases Reported At 4 Campuses In Sulphur Springs ISD

COVID-19 cases have now been reported at 4 campuses in the Sulphur Springs ISD. On September 9th, 2020, Assistant Superintendent Josh Williams notified parents, students, teachers and staff affiliated with two campuses. Those campuses each had a lab-confirmed COVID-19 case. One teacher at a third campus also tested positive.

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A second student case was reported at Sulphur Springs High School. That student was reported to have been on campus within the last week. The first high school student, had been lab-confirmed to have COVID-19 on Friday. The student was reported to have been present on the Sulphur Springs High School campus Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 1-2.

Two students at Bowie Primary were also previously reported to have been confirmed to have COVID-19. One student was reported to have been present on the Bowie Primary campus Tuesday-Thursday, Sept. 1-3, and the other was present on campus Sept. 1, 2 and 4.

On Sept. 9, Williams also sent notification that a Travis Primary School teacher who had been on the campus within the last week had tested positive.

Williams also notified families Sept. 8 that a SSISD bus driver who was present on an SSISD bus the week of Sept. 1-4, 2020, has been lab-confirmed to have COVID-19

SSISD and the local health department have begun a case investigation for each and will contact any individuals determined to be in close contact with the infected individual. All students and staff that came into close contact will be directly notified as soon as possible, the notification letters from Williams stated. Those who were determined to be in close contact with these lab confirmed COVID-19 positive individuals are required by school policy and TEA and CDC guidelines to remain off campus for up to 14 days to ensure they do not have the virus, so that there will not be any further spread.

SSISD SchoolStudentEmployee
Austin Academic Center00
Barbara Bush Primary00
Bowie Primary20
Douglass Early Childhood Learning Center00
Lamar Primary00
Travis Primary10
Sulphur Springs Elementary01
Sulphur Springs Middle School00
Sulphur Springs High School20
Other (bus driver, special services, admin. etc.)01
Lab-confirmed COVID-19 case counts for individuals who have been on SSISD campuses

Author: KSST Contributor

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