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3 Students, 1 Bus Driver At SSISD Have Tested Positive For COVID-19; Case Counts For County Schools Reported

Sulphur Springs Independent School District on Tuesday reported one additional student and a bus driver have tested positive for COVID-19. Updated information regarding cases counts of novel coronavirus 2019 for other county schools and Yantis are also being posted or sent out to parents.

Sulphur Springs ISD: 3 Student Cases

Sulphur Springs ISD sends notices via Blackboard alert system to families who have children in or work on a district campus where a positive COVID-19 case has been reported to officials.

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On Tuesday, SSISD notified families and school employees that a second student from Bowie Primary has tested positive for COVID-19, according to Sulphur Springs ISD Assistant Superintendent Josh Williams. On Friday, Williams reported a student who was lab- confirmed to have COVID-19 was reportedly present on the Bowie Primary campus on Tuesday-Thursday, Sept. 1-3. On Tuesday, Williams reported another Bowie student who was on campus Sept. 1, 2 and 4 has also tested positive for COVID-19

One other SSISD student, one who attends high school, had been lab-confirmed to have COVID-19 on Friday. The student was reported to have been present on the Sulphur Springs High School campus on Tuesday-Wednesday, Sept. 1-2.

Williams also Tuesday notified families that a SSISD bus driver who has been lab-confirmed to have COVID-19 was present on an SSISD bus the week of Sept. 1-4, 2020.

Williams noted that district personnel and local health department have begun a case investigation and will contact any individuals determined to be in “close contact” with infected individuals. All students and staff who came into close contact with the COVID-19 positive bus driver or students will be directly notified as soon as possible. Those who were in close contact will remain off campus for up to 14 days to ensure they do not have the virus, to help prevent any further spread of the virus.

The district has had other employees who have had COVID-19 over the summer, but almost all have recovered and are able to be at work.

Sulphur Bluff ISD: 6 Student Cases

Sulphur Bluff ISD has posted four notices since school began of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 among students. Overall, the district has had 6 students who tested positive with COVID-19, including three with active cases and three who have recovered, according to a Sept. 8 report posted by the district. the district has had no employees test positive as of Tuesday.

One students was reported Monday, Aug. 24 to have tested positive for the virus. That student was last on campus Friday, Aug. 21.

SBISD received notification on Aug. 26 of the positive tests for a household. Students were last present on our campus Friday, Aug. 21, and Monday morning, Aug. 24.

District officials on Sept. 1 reported receiving notification Aug. 30, of the positive tests for a student who was last present on our campus Friday, Aug. 28.

On Thursday, Sept. 3, SBISD Superintendent Dustin Carr reported district officials received notification late Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 2, of positive tests for two students. One student had been in quarantine and one was last present on our campus Monday, Aug. 31.

COVID-19 updates for SBISD are available at the bottom of the district website by clicking “Full Article” under the “Notification of confirmed cases of COVID-19 on campus” heading.

Como-Pickton CISD: 15 Student Cases, 1 Staff Case

Como-Pickton CISD has also adopted a form which is updated as new case information is received. As Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 8, CPCISD had received reports of 16 COVID cases so far. That includes 9 students who currently have coronavirus, and 6 students and 1 staff member who have all recovered from COVID-19 since the start of the 2020-21 school year on Aug. 10, according to the school report.

Como-Pickton CISD 2020-21 COVID-19 case counts

Cumby ISD: 2 Student Cases

Cumby ISD has reported only 2 student cases of COVID-19, one high school student a couple of days prior to the start of classes and one high school student after.

Cumby ISD COVID-19 case counts report

Miller Grove ISD: 3 Student Cases

Miller Grove on Sept. 1 gave an update for August COVID-19 case counts for the district. The district had been notified of 3 MGISD students testing positive for COVID-19. One of the students was already in quarantine before diagnosis. A second student had not been at school since exposure. The third student was at school, but did not exhibit any symptoms while on campus, Superintendent Steve Johnson reported.

North Hopkins ISD: 1 Student Case

North Hopkins ISD on Sept. 5 reported a junior high student had been lab-confirmed to have COVID-19. The student was last reported to have been on campus on Thursday, Sept. 3.

Saltillo ISD: 1 Student Case, 1 Employee Case

Saltillo ISD has reported two cumulative COVID-19 cases this fall. The district superintendent on Aug. 26 reported one student was lab-confirmed to have COVID-19; the student was last on the campus on Aug. 24. Others determined to be in “close contact” with the students were notified Aug. 25.

Saltillo ISD was notified on Aug. 12, that a district employee tested positive for COVID-19. The employee last worked on the Saltillo ISD campus on Aug. 6.

Yantis ISD: 1 Staff Case

On Aug. 30, Yantis ISD in nearby Wood County also reported that one staff member had tested positive for COVID-19. That individual had not been on campus since Aug. 25.

Parents of any students believed to have been in “close contact” with the staff members during the individuals’ last several days of attendance before diagnosis. Any of those students were sent home to self-quarantine as a precaution, according to the notice posted Aug. 30 by Superintendent Tracey Helfferich.

Yantis ISD COVID-19 case report

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