Lady Cats Volleyball Working on Fundamentals in August

After The Edge ended in late July, Lady Cats Volleyball Coach Bailey Dorner gave her players a two week break. Sessions of skills and strength resumed August 10. Coach Dorner says she has had a consistent 36 players each day. She says they are working hard and are excited. Coach Dorner says she has split her team into hitters, passers and setters for individual work. There is a heavy emphasis on fundamentals. Coach Dorner says her players are itching to play someone. She says she reserves some time each day for scrimmage type work at the end. Coach Dorner says her second team of Lady Cats is beginning to show potential. He says she lost some great seniors off of her first team but she says some great core players are returning. Coach Dorner is finding her second season as a head coach somewhat easier than the first year. She says lots of the players have been with her a year and now know what she expects. Coach Dorner says there were times last season where she had to figure things out as she went along. She hopes the fundamental work now will make her team better prepared to start the delayed season. First day of practice will be September 8. A scrimmage date of September 12 has been set. The Lady Cats open the regular season on the road at Greenville on September 15.

Volleyball on Wood Floor with net
Volleyball on Wood Floor with net

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Author: Matt Janson

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