The Global Pandemic Shut Down Travel But When Would You Feel Comfortable Traveling Again?

At KSST, we love traveling. Whether by planes, trains, or automobiles, a lot of us just love to GO somewhere. But then a worldwide pandemic hits, and cruises are cancelled, airlines stop flying, and rental car companies are on the verge of bankruptcy. Each week brings restart dates for travel being pushed back later and later and those that have had trips cancelled continue to battle for refunds.

Obviously, it will take time before we can all feel comfortable with all kinds travel again, and it won’t be long before some form of travel will be acceptable. But only time will tell when we can start to even take a driving trip, much less plan long trips to far off places. We may have different opinions of if and when it will be safe to travel, so please share your thoughts by answering the poll below.

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Author: Chad Young

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