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Wildcats Basketball Coach Clark Cipoletta Comments on Win Over Greenville

Wildcats Coach Clark Cipoletta commented on what the Wildcats did Tuesday night (February 4) to get a victory over Greenville, 63-52 at home. He said senior Cameron Kahn got the Wildcats going early with a couple of strong drives to the basket. Coach Cipoletta said junior Boo Wilkerson was called on to guard Greenville’s talented point guard Quin Anderson and still had enough to hit some really big shots. Wilkerson led all scorers with 23 points. Coach Cipoletta said Day Day Hall had a real solid game. He said Grayson McClure played one of his best offensive games rotating correctly throughout the game. Discussing things done differently in the Wildcats’ decisive second half, Coach Cipoletta said after Greenville started out making it hard to get the ball inside to Hall and Kahn, the Wildcats worked to space the Lions’ defense out. He said using screens to get players into the paint and making some shots opened things up inside. Coach Cipoletta said the Wildcats threw some different defensive looks at Anderson and tried to get the ball out of his hands in the second half in an attempt to cool him down. He called Anderson dynamic and the best offensive player in the district. Mount Pleasant also won Tuesday against Texas High. The Wildcats and Mount Pleasant, both 5-1 in district play, remain tied for first. The Wildcats play at Mount Pleasant Friday night.

Wildcat Basketball
Wildcat Basketball

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Author: Matt Janson

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