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Dr. Lavelle Hendricks Honored at Appreciation Service at East Caney BC

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Dr. Lavelle Hendricks has pastored East Caney Missionary Baptist Church for 30 years. In addition to that milestone, it was 30 years ago that he also founded a celebration of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Hopkins County. It is for his love, courage, servanthood and commitment that he was honored in a special service on Sunday February 2, 2020.

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Pastor Hendricks was ushered into the sanctuary to the applause of 100 friends and parishioners.

A number of pastors attended to speak about their regard for Pastor Hendricks as a friend, leader and servant. Women of the congregation sang “Give and It Will Come Back To You” as the crowd filed past the offering basket and back to their seats. The music was joyful and inspiring, performed by the visiting Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Choir and the East Caney Choir.Pastor Willis Taylor delivered a strong sermon about obedience and faith based on 1 Kings 7:8-13.

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Choir
East Caney Church Choir
Bro. William Simmons and Emcee W.C. Pryor with a guest from Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
Choir with visiting Pastor Corey Young and Pastor H.B. Nash
Dr. Henry Ross spoke of Pastor Hendrick’s role as a leader
Guest Pastor Willis Taylor of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church gave the address
Brother Larry Shaw spoke on What My Pastor Means to Me
Pastor Barry Stribling spoke on the impact of Pastor Hendricks positive spirit
Sister Glenda Brown gave thank you’s and closing remarks
Pastor Lavelle Hendricks with a message of love
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Author: Enola Gay

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