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Update on Condition of Hospitalized Middle Schooler, Message of Thanks from Family

According to Danny and Barbara Cavanaugh of Sulphur Springs, grandparents of 14-year-old Kaycee Ivey currently hospitalized at Children’s Medical Center, improvement of the Middle Schooler has been a slow and deliberate process. Kaycee sustained numerous internal injuries in the vehicle crash on October 4, 2019 which killed her mother and her aunt and injured her cousin Jacob Reed. Until this week, Kaycee has remained in a medically-induced coma and on a breathing ventilator as her care team assessed and observed her condition, battled infections with antibiotics and daily revised her plan of treatment. Last week, accumulating fluids were to be removed, and X-rays and MRI administered. However, following anesthesia for the procedure, she experienced a drop in blood pressure and her condition worsened. Quickly she was placed in ICU and put back on ventilator and coma rest. At the same time, she was recovering from emergency surgery for torn bowel following the wreck. X-rays have shown some nerve damage to lower neck and into shoulder region but surgery not required. This week, it was hoped that Kaycee could begin to breathe more on her own and have neck brace removed so that she could communicate to the team about how her neck was feeling. Once that could be accomplished, faster improvement could be expected. An update follows.

October 30, 2019 Update from Children’s Medical Center.

Kaycee’s lung xray looked a little worse this morning. Dr thinks it’s because have been lowering vent support. He didn’t seem too concerned about it. To help improve, we’re going to raise Kaycee’s bed today as much as she can tolerate until we get her to sitting position and raise a setting on vent. Going to get her more active in bed using physical therapy and occupational therapy which will help her condition overall. Continue with same antibiotics as there are indications that infection is getting better. Dr says we have to be “aggressive, but patient”. We’re believing for more improvement today. Thanks for loving us.

Thank You Message from Barbara Cavanaugh and Kohlson Ivey

I know I should of already done this but just not easy. I want to thank everyone for the prayers, the text, the calls, the food, all of the beautiful things sent to my girls Funeral, all of the money, the benefits, the visits and Lord knows anything else I might forget. Thanks to Jeff and Sue Orwosky , Jamie and Staff at Murray Orwosky Funeral home for coordination of a beautiful service. I know doing a double one was so hard especially in such a large place. Joel Tiemeyer Damon Wilks, Rachel Draper and Savanna Christian for all of the beautiful words said about my girls lives and words of encouragement to my family. Thanks to everyone for all of the out pouring love for our family. Loosing two children at once …. there are no words to describe how bad my heart hurts. I love you all and couldn’t of made it through this without God by our side and all of you. THANKS AND PLEASE KEEP THE PRAYERS COMING! Kaycee’s brother Kohlson, a student at Sulphur Springs High School, added “Thank you to everyone, not just in Sulphur Springs but in towns around here like Paris, Greenville and Mt. Pleasant and other school districts too, who have sent sincere wishes and even donations. Thank you to everyone who has said a prayer for us or sent us an email. Our sincere thanks and GOD BLESS all of you”!

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