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County Records For Sept. 6, 2019

Land Transactions

  • W. Pat Bryant to Joe Ardis; tract in the Mary Ann Bowin survey
  • David M. Owens and Emma L. Owens to S&R Constructions LLC; tract in the JS Bowen survey
  • Karen Thurman Partin to Karol Ann Delong and Thomas Richard Kelty, trustees for The Partin Irrevocable Trust
  • Mike Odell, independently and as indpendent executor for the Jimmy De Odell Estate, to Tam Bui; tract in the James Webb survey
  • Vanderbilt Mortgage And Finance Inc to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; tract in the Tira Ranch Properties
  • Carolyn Gregory Lawson, also known as Carolyn Lawson Millsap, and Randy Millsap to Alan Huddleston and Jaime Huddleston; tract int he Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • Gary T. Kessler and Linda L. Kessler to Alicia ALvarez Alvarado and Jose Ernesto Alvarez; tract in the Juan Palvedore survey
  • Texas Ranchitos LLC to Francisca Barron, Jose Barron and Jasmin Mendoza; tract in the Jeremiah Ward survey
  • Texas Ranchitos LLC to Maria Carmen Elizarrara, Alejandra Rebollar, Jorge Ivan Rebollar and Uriel Rebollar; tract in the Jeremiah Ward survey
  • Israel Hernandez De La Lama, Jonathan Hernandez De La Lama and Alejandro Rafael Hernandez Martinez Del Campo to Jana Bishop; tract in the Shelby Tunnage survey
  • Candice Candi B. Cowden to Chelsey Waters and Jordie W. Waters; tract in the John Petty survey
  • Daniel Lopez Rodriguez and Mayilen Sardinas-Perez to Juan Carlos Lozano; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • Chad Cable and Mary Stahl Cable to Oscar Luna and Breatriz Sanchez
  • Texas Ranchitos LLC to Lorenzo Ramirez Jr. and Valentino Ramirez; tract in the Jeremiah Ward survey
  • Mary M. Gallion, Alice Hall attorney, to Wesley Thompson
  • Paula D. Tidwell and William P. Tidwell to Crystal Marie Tidwell and Jason Paul Tidwell; tract in the John S. Bowen survey
  • Paula D. Tidwell and William P. Tidwell to Jennifer Lee Shaw; tract in the Butler Cauble survey
  • Brittanie Reeves Reeves and Zachary Reeves to Michael Parkerson; tract in the John Gilliam survey
  • April Nicole Hanson and Zachary D. Hanson to Melinda Morrison; tract in Green Acres
  • Karla Kay Brown who is known as Karla Bryant, William Patrick Bryant and Micki Suzanne Jeffus to Joe Ardis; tract in the AC Wetmore survey
  • Jason R. Brown guardian, Karolyn Liljeberg independently and as independent executor for the Betty Louise Brown Estate and Stephen Calvin Brown Estate, Stephen Calvin Brown incapacitated, and Jim Liljeberg to Jason Wayne Carter and Sarah Dianne Carter; tract in the AC Wetmore survey
  • Colbie R. Cross, who is knwon as Colbie Norment, and Robert Norment to Kimberley J. Tomlinson; tract in the Jose YBarbo survey
  • Cypress Cove Holdings LLC to Cypress Cove Properties; tract in the Joseph Clark survey
  • Johnny Ray Gibson to Kevin Ray Humphries; tract in the Hodge Adams survey

Marriage licenses

  • Talon Ray Cockrum and Lisa Michelle Caldwell
  • Jacob Neal Smith and Deseray Adale Greer
  • Delbert Francis and Loretta Lucas McKay
  • Christopher Thomas Collins and Ashlyn Hope Diamond Wood
  • Paul Michael Briggs and Linda Henry
  • Justin Lee Bennett and Jennifer Adel Smith
  • Richard Christopher Gentry and Tamara Wilson Gatlin

Author: KSST Contributor

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