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Sulphur Springs County Club Golf Course And Swimming Pool Suffer Significant Damage

The storm that blew through Wednesday night casued a significant amount of damage to over 30 trees on the golf course at the Sulphur Springs Country Club. The high winds blew over huge historic oak trees and snapped many trees in half. Limbs, twigs and debris littered the course as crews were working diligently to clean up all of the damage. Work started early as some trees had to be cleared from the road to let residents out of the surrounding neighborhoods. The Country Club swimming pool was also rendered unuseable because of the heavy rainfall and flooding washed across the road and flooded the pool with debris and rainwater. The pool will have to be completely drained and re filled before use. The Country Club Clubhouse remained unscathed, but has lost power as have most residents in that area. The restaurants should reopen tomorrow (Thursday) once power has been restored.

Tree Damage at the Sulphur Springs Country Club
Tree Damage at the Sulphur Springs Country Club

Author: Chad Young

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