A Text to 911 Results in Arrest for Family Violence

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The new “text to 911” service available in Hopkins County proved to be beneficial to descalate a situation over the weekend. Hopkins County deputies responded to information about a man that was trying to harm himself at a residence on Hwy 69S. Upon arriving at the scene and talking with the man’s girlfriend, officers noticed visible marks on the woman’s neck from the boyfriend attempting to grabbing her and dragging her off the bed. The suspect, Jovanni Vargas had locked himself in the bathroom and had indicated that he may harm himself. As officers attempted to gain entry into the bathroom, they heard glass breaking as Vargas was attempting to exit through an outside window. Jovanni Vargas, age 25, cut himself as he exited the window and was quickly taken to the ground and handcuffed. He was arrested and transported by local EMS to be treated for a laceration on his arm. He was later booked into the Hopkins County Jail for Assault Family Violence (impeding breathing), Resisting Arrest, and Evading Arrest. He remains in the Hopkins Count Jail with a total bond of $107,000.

Author: Chad Young

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