Saltillo Recent Track Results

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The Saltillo Lions went to the Hawkins relay last Thursday, March 7th and translated their hardwood success to running success.
The following athletes placed in the track meet.
Edi Olayo 3rd in the JV 100 meter dash, John Beadle won 1st in the jv mile and two mile, and Chris Boekhorst 4th in the jv high jump
With the varsity boys Garret Tarver won 1st in the two mile and the 800, Jayden Holloway got 2nd in the 800 and two mile and placed 4th in the one mile.
In the varsity girls division Sienna Collins got 2nd in the 800 and two mile and placed third in the mile.
Kristina Wade placed 6th in the 800 and Reagan Spier placed 6th in the 2 mile

The Saltillo Jr High track team went to the Rivercrest Relays on Monday (3-11) and had a fine showing as the 8th grade boys won the meet and the 7th grade girls got second. Coach Stephens was very pleased with their effort as all the kids have made great strides considering it was their first meet due to weather and the fact that Saltillo does not have a track.

Track results
7th grade girls 2nd as a team
Mason Pipken 1st in 400 and 800, 3rd in 1200
Cali Morris 2nd in 400 and 800, 4th in 1200
Jada Rose 4th in 200
Ryleigh Redar 1st in 1200

8th grade girls
Makensa Morris 6th in 200
Yadhira Alonso 1st in 2400, 1st in 800, 1st in 1200
Marisol Olayo 4th in 200

7th grade boys
Colton McGill 1st in 400 1st in 800 1st in 1200
Cade McGill 5th in 800, 6th in 1200
Cristian Trejo 1st in 2400, 2nd in 1200
David Whitworth 6 in 2400

8th grade boys 1st as a team
Gunner Tarver 1st 400, 2nd in 800, 1st in 1200
Beckham Hoover 5th in 400 1st in 2400, 4th in 1200
Noah Emmons 2nd in 2400, 2nd in 1200
Jacob Sexton 3rd in 2400
Coy Collins 1st in 100 hurdles, 1st in 800
Colby McCoy 4th in 200
Ridge Johnson 6th in 200

Other members of the team are Josh Butler, Braden Holcomb, Ethan White, Landon Gilbreth, Cameron Mosley, Amira Terry, Allie Lane, Olivia Allen, and Gabby Ross.

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Author: Chad Young

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