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Quick Response By Local Firefighters Saves Duplex From Total Destruction

A duplex on Lemon Dr. caught fire around noon on Monday. Someone called in the fire, and firefighters as well as other emergency services were dispatched, and quickly on the scene. The fire started in the tenant side of the duplex, and the tenant was not home. The tenant side of the duplex quickly became engulfed in flames and sustained heavy damage as the smoke crossed the carport attaching the two units and poured smoke into the owner’s side of the duplex. The quick response by local firefighters knocked the flames down quickly, saving the total structure. Two animals inside the owner’s unit were not harmed, although the unit sustained heavy smoke damage. KSST news spoke with the owner of the duplex, who was very relieved no one was injured. “I have property insurance, and my tenant had ‘renter’s insurance’ so we are thankful that no one was injured and our pets are safe”, the owner stated. He praised the local firefighters for reacting so quickly. “It could have been a lot worse”, he said. Upon initial inspection, the owner thought that his unit only sustained some smoke damage, and the tenant’s unit would have to be rebuilt.

Author: Chad Young

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