Tisdell Prefers Fast Paced Game for Lady Cats

Lady Cats Basketball Coach Brittney Tisdell said the Lady Cats 52-23 win over Greenville was a slow game for her team. She said she preferred a faster pace and higher tempo game. Coach Tisdell said she told her team that moving forward she wanted them to play an up tempo style. Still she called the victory a good team win.

The Lady Cats’ starters only played a little into the third quarter and then turned things over to reserves. Coach Tisdell said she could tell by how the team acted before the game that they might not play with the intensity they should have had. She admitted she became concerned when her subs started out with five turnovers in a row. Coach Tisdell said after that they settled down and did better.

The Lady Cats are 5-3 in district play and 23-6 overall. They host Mount Pleasant Friday evening at home on senior night.

Author: Staff Reporter

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