2018 Senior Graduation Celebration

On Saturday May 5th, Morning Chapel Missionary Baptist Church hosted the annual Senior Graduation Celebration which they have been hosting for over fifteen years. The Church fellowship hall was decorated in Wildcat Blue and gold. Pastor H.B. Nash supported the seniors by wearing a blue suit and a gold tie. Dinner was served to all in attendance. It included tacos, peach cobbler, and iced tea.

Table centerpieces included pictures of the seniors and an inspirational poem which set the mood for the evening: “Behind you, all your memories. Before you, all your dreams. Around you, all who love you. Within you, all you need.”

Reverend Spigner opened the celebration in prayer, quoting Ephesians 6 verses 10-13 encouraging graduates to put on the armor of God.

The Guest Speaker was Brother Lawson Crooks. “I’m honored and humbled by the opportunity to offer words of encouragement to these students,” Crooks began. “For eighteen years of your life so far you’ve had eighteen years of training from somebody.” Parents, grandparents, coaches, teachers, and pastors have all given the students training over the years. “Somebody taught you how to walk, talk, eat, drink, dress, read, write, add, subtract, how to be respectful, work hard and do your best.”

But most importantly “Somebody also taught you how to love the Lord and be kind to others.” Crooks stressed that point, using Proverbs 22 verse 6. “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” He encouraged the students to remain in the Lord’s love and grace.  He encouraged the graduates to make good choices and reflect back on the advice and training of their childhood.

He compared the graduates life lessons to that of learning to ride a bike. Most people start with four wheels, and eventually are be able to ride on two wheels. College is when the “training wheels” are coming off. “The child may fall, and it isn’t going to be easy, but before you know it they’ll be riding down the street going 100 miles per hour.”  Brother Crooks referenced Luke 15 verses 11-24, the parable of the lost son. This man wasn’t ready for his training wheels to be off, and he crashed before  he went back home to receive more training.

Crooks then posed a question: “What have all these people prepared you for?”  The answer was found in 1st Samuel 17, people told David he was too little and too young to do anything. But David relied on his faith, training, and skills to succeed.  “Don’t let anybody tell you, you can’t do something. [Because you] can do all things through Christ who gives [you] strength.” Crooks emphasized that as the graduates go into adulthood they will be called to be leaders and use their training in the years to come.  This is their moment to shine but in doing so, God must be an integral part of their life.

Students received gift bibles. Parents, grandparents and family members were able to step up and wish the students good luck, after Pastor Nash prayed over the students.

Pastor Nash ended the ceremony by saying ” God is with you, God is good, and he’s got your back!”

2018 graduates in attendance:

Simeon Taylor is “going to college prep in the fall and then will transfer to a College [where he plans] on studying Kinesiology.”

Laila King wants to be a psychiatrist, and plans to “go to Prairie View A&M to major in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice.”

Terrell Turman is “going to Southern Arkansas University to play football and major in Accounting.”

N’sya Dugan will be “going to college for nursing and then [she will be] a paramedic in the Army.”

Dedrick Godbolt is going to “Grayson College in Denison” where he will major in Business Marketing.

Imani Taylor “plan[s] on attending Texas A&M Commerce to pursue a degree in education.” She wants to become a teacher.

DJ Abron will “go to UT Tyler and study Business Marketing.” He then plans on finding a good job close to Tyler or home.

Makenzie Alexander will “attend Prairie View A&M University to study business management.” She hopes to become an entrepreneur and one day own her own business.

Kadadrian Abron will go to “EMT school and get his associates degree then go to the firefighter academy and become a firefighter.” He is thinking about moving to Plano after he completes his training.

Graduating Seniors include:

Alyssa Abron                         Jalik Cleveland                                   Tiesan Goodson                              Cor’Tavius Pruitt

DJ Abron                               Tamya Cuba                                        Marquise Hale                                Jayden Sims

KaDadrian Abron                Breasia Dottie                                     Jamia Hall                                      Jhatea Syrie

Sebestian Adams                  D’Idrec Dugan                                    Jamal Cox-Hobson                       Imani Taylor

Makensie Alexander            N’sya Dugan                                       Kaylee Jefferson                            LaKendrick Taylor

Dominique Berry                 Kyla Dunlap                                       Lalia King                                       Terrell Turman

Ian Blanch                             Tahja Gilbert                                      Mariah McCord                              Iverson Wade

Alexi Boyd                             Dedric Godbolt                                  Zachary Pearson                            Michaela Wickerson

I’Vyn Clayton                        Cason Goodson                                   Jaden Price                                    Sadedria Young

Mileena Zirretta                                  Alyssa Redd

Author: Savannah Everett

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