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A Local Eagle Scout Needs Your Help

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Nathan Tiegiser is working on his Eagle Scout Project. He decided to refurbish the signs in Pacific Park, on Saturday November 11th. However this task is not a small feat. There are four signs approximately 4’x8′ x 8″.  Each sign is in need of the wood backs and wood frames being replaced and new paint all around. The lettering is engraved and will also need paint. Nathan needs you to help fund his Eagle Scout Project, by purchasing supplies for the troop.
Supplies that will be needed:
  4 sheets of treated plywood 3/4 in
  2 x 8 12 foot. 8 each
  2 x 8  8 foot. 17 each
  3 gallons primer
  3 gallons paint
  1 gallon letter paint
  2 Quart black paint
   Screws. 1 5/8″
   Screws  2″
 If you would like to help purchase supplies you can do so in two ways. Lowes in Sulphur Springs will have a supply list: stop by the service desk to purchase one or more of the items. If you would like to make a monetary donation please private message Taffy Tiegiser or call 903-348-5652.


You are also welcome to show up to help by joining Nathan and his troop 6937 on November 11th, 2017. Help, drinks, and snacks are always appreciated!



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Author: Savannah Everett

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