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Terrific Tuesday Fundraising Mini-Walks Going Terrifically!


Tammie Reardon, Director of Terrific Tuesdays in Sulphur Springs, is participating in each of the mini-walks for the fundraising drive for her program. Tammie asks the community to be generous in support of Terrific Tuesday, a weekly program which assists caregivers of victims of Alzheimer’s and various dementia by giving them a day off each week from their caregiving duties. Since many caregivers are spouses or family members of the dementia patient, they often provide full-time unpaid care as an expression of love and concern for the victim. When their loved one comes to Terrific Tuesday on Tuesday from 9 am til 2 pm, it represents free time to run personal errands or to enjoy a few hours for themselves. While their loved one is at Terrific Tuesday, they receive loving care, delicious food and a fun and friendly environment with games, music and interaction. Each participant has a one-on-one personal companion assigned to them during all the activities. Many participants look forward to returning each week to their “club”, Terrific Tuesday. Keeping the non-profit program operating all year requires monetary support. Donations are appreciated year-round and through early October, you can purchase a T-shirt for $20 and quilt raffle tickets at $1 each or 6 for $5. The goal for this year’s Terrific Tuesday Drive is $10,000 which covers a year’s operating costs. The final portion of the drive, the Walk to Remember Celebration, will take place in the Gardens at Christus Mother Frances hospital on Thursday October 5 starting at 6pm. The public is invited to walk the manicured walking path and meet the families and professionals who care for the Terrific Tuesday participants. Donations to the program can be made at that time, the raffle quilt will be given away and the final goal total will be announced. Donations can also be dropped off and T-shirts purchased at the Sr’s Center, 150 MLK Drive in Sulphur Springs, Texas.  Please see the entire schedule of mini-walks below. You’re welcome to join in!


Tuesday, September 19th @10:00 – Terrific Tuesdays Club
Thursday, September 21st @ 10:30 – Sunny Springs Nursing and Rehab
Friday, September 22nd @ 10:30 – Rock Creek Health and Rehab
Tuesday, September 26th @ 9:30 – Sulphur Springs Senior Citizen Center
Wednesday, September 27th @ 2:00 – Hopkins Place
Thursday, September 28th @ 10:00  -Wesley House/Wesley Oaks Memory Care
Friday, September 29th @ 10:30 – Sulphur Springs Health and Rehab
Thursday, October 5th @ 6:00 BIG WALK – Trinity Mother Frances Hospital
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