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First Baptist Hosted Beth Moore Simulcast Event

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By Savannah Owens

On September 16th, 100 ladies attended the Beth Moore Simulcast at First Baptist church in Sulphur Springs, Texas.  Beth Moore is a dynamic Christian author and speaker from Houston, Texas. She is known for giving hope and encouragement to her fellow sisters in Christ through her bible studies and videos. The title of the 2017 live Simulcast message was Captivated: The wonder of Christ on the Winding Road.  Attendees experienced  a day filled with times of worship, prayer, and bible study as well as refreshments provided by First Baptist kids Ministry. Beth Moore dove into such topics as: vulnerability, being wounded, emotional pain, the wonders of Christ.  Trusting God, and finding security in God, knowing we are loved by God.

KSST talked with Cathy Gray about some of the highlights of the Sulphur Springs viewing of the simulcast.

Cathy stated the five points of Moore’s message:
1. We’re sojourners in a land of woundings and wonders.
2. Woundings pale in the wakefulness of his wonder.
3. God has an affinity for mysteries.
4. Our security in the mystery and knowing God’s mystery revealed — “I gotta know Jesus; you gotta know who’s got you.”
5. “You are a wonder, woman” or “You are a wonder woman.”

“What [Moore] talked about was when we don’t understand what’s going on in our lives and we’re scared or just disappointed we can always know that Jesus is faithful, and that Jesus has this. He’s going to walk through it with us.”Gray quoted  Moore by saying, “when your life feels unraveled and you’re falling down your rope of life, what is the knot that just catches you and holds you?” A verse from the bible that was important to Beth Moore was John 15: 8-9.

Gray explained that Moore taught us that “we all need a “knot” that we can hold on to when life gets rough.” Beth Moore was encouraged by knowing that Jesus loves us as much as God loves him. And she encouraged women to remember that in times of trouble.

Gray liked that Moore also used the C.S. Lewis quote “You need to chase the sunbeams back to the sun” to help attendees to understand that we should be amazed by the “many moments of wonder of what Jesus does in our lives, and we need to stop and take notice” The sun rise should fill us with hope as we remember that God made that happen.  If he can make the sun rise, he can take care of any problem we face!

Moore emphasized that attendees need to know that “mystery fascinates the unbeliever more than the believer’s joy, and that’s a wonder to the people who don’t know Jesus.  We can have joy even when our lives are not always just perfect.”

Simulcast attendees laughed and cried with Beth Moore as she took them on a roller coaster of emotionally charged stories and challenged them to  be a wonder woman “You are a wonder, woman.”


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Author: Savannah Everett

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