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Johanna and Mario Host Extension Leadership Workshop

On Thursday August 3, the Hopkins County extension agents hosted a fun and fast-moving workshop for Extension leaders. About two dozen individuals and committee members were present, representing various aspects of Extension projects including 4-H, Master Gardener, Wellness /Nutrition and Special Events.

The meeting’s purpose was to dispense information and to gather information. According to a census of attendees, radio and e-mail are the preferred mediums for receiving information about Extension activities. Agent Johanna Hicks asked to suggest future programs that would fill local needs, and to be willing to mentor new 4H programs that may help youth. One of the guidelines of new programs is an 8-task learning requirement. Reports given to leaders showed that over 500 hours in volunteer services were logged during 2016, with that number is expected to increase for 2017. ¬†Another report showed the BLT program, or Better Living for Texans, provides $1200 annually for expenses for local nutrition education programs. Another report showed that the relatively new Fee-Based extension programs require attendees to remit $10 which the College Station headquarters uses to offset wages paid to extension employees. Extension Agent Mario Villarino said that the annual Hay Show, which is an Ag Extension program held in the Fall, is in need of support by new producers as it’s population is aging.

Those present enjoyed a healthy meal prepared by the agents, and entertaining role-play exercise and door prize give-aways based on facts learned at the meeting. Everyone also met Extension intern Aida Ugalde, who will graduate from Texas A and M Commerce with studies in Health Promotions. The public is invited to get involved with Extension office efforts to serve local needs. The agents welcome suggestions, assistance and leadership by volunteers! Pick up a list of upcoming programs and activities already in place that you can join at the Hopkins County Agri-Life Extension office at 1200 West Houston Street in Sulphur Springs or phone 903-885-3443.

Johanna with Intern Aida Ugalde

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