Sulphur Springs City Council Approves Bids, Zoning Changes. Ordinances in July Special Session; Sales Tax Receipts Down for Second Month

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During Tuesday’s Sulphur Springs City Council meeting, Finance Director Peter Kartens told the council that sales tax revenue has been slightly down during the past two months but the weaker receipts are not a trend. Kartens said he expects the revenue to increase before the end of the year. Even with the weak two months, $10,000 below estimates, the year’s receipts remain on target to be budget $90,000 above last year and the estimates for the current year. The council approved items on their special session agenda but are continuing to seek one to serve on the Downtown Revitalization Board and one as an alternate to the Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals.

A bid of $498,590 by Highway 19 Construction for concrete and work on South Moore Street was approved. The bid was the lowest of four bids submitted. This is the first time the city has worked with Highway 19 Construction but according to city staff, the company did the work on South Broadway Street authorized by TxDOT and received a positive reference from the state agency.

The council voted to continue to deny the rate increase requested by ONCOR. In a recent meeting the council suspended the effective date for the rate increase and joined with other cities in opposing the increase. City Manager Marc Maxwell said the cities are nearing an agreement with ONCOR but must continue to deny the request until an agreement is reached.

An equipment only tax abatement was granted Ocean Spray for new equipment purchased for packaging and a new boiler installation. The new equipment will not add to the effluent produced by the company. A commercial industrial reinvestment zone for properties at Ocean Spray was also approved.

Council approved the first reading of two ordinances related to funding work for the city. One ordinance will provide tax certificates issued funds for paying contractual obligations incurred to fund water and sewer system improvements and other municipal expenses and the other ordinance for the issuance of bonds to provide funds for the purpose of refunding outstanding obligations of the city issued for various public improvements and for paying the cost of issuance of the bond.

Properties on College Street were rezoned from multi-family to single family. The neighborhood where the properties are located is historically single family and the owners of the two properties rezoned desired to have their properties reflect that fact.

A Jefferson Street property was rezoned from light industrial to light commercial. The property is currently vacant.

A replat of a portion of 12 acres on Gilmer Street across from Toliver Ford was approved.

Seven chemical bids were accepted to provide the chemicals needs for the city water treatment plant. The bids were made by companies that have previously provided chemicals. The council voted to accept the low bid in each category.


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Author: Staff Reporter

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